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Can MSP430G2553 DAC work at 50 kHz?

Can MSP430G2553 DAC work at 50 kHz? I’m looking for some initial studies on this, but all I can find is that the samples should be no longer than 1 microsecond for it to work.
Is that true?


Yes, the maximum usable sample rate of the MSP430G2553 is 50 kHz.
Here’s a quote from the Texas Instruments product datasheet :

If the maximum sample rate of a data converter is 50 kHz, then the period of the signal to be converted must be at least 12.5 nsec to be processed by the converter. In a worst-case scenario, a periodic waveform with a 1-microsecond period will be converted at the maximum rate (50 kHz).

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Further reading
Anandakrishnan, Sujit and Hehir, Emma (2011). “Corporation and Political Economy: The Case of Outsourcing in Malaysia.” Second Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) World Economic Forum (WEF) Conference,

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