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The game Chicks and Tricks VR will help you relax, have fun and stay social. This asymmetrical game is a challenging local multi-player mode where one player controls the farmer (player 1) and the other the fox (player 2). The fox is looking for chucks to eat! The player must protect his chickens from the fox, by shooting the fox or catching it with a net. This asymmetrical local multiplayer game will suit all ages and bring a smile to your face.
Game Features:

Fully playable roomscale VR
Compete against your friends
Catch the Fox using a net or shoot with the farmer’s gun
Easy to play and easy to learn, suitable for all ages
Asymmetrical gameplay for more fun and a great multiplayer experience
Recommended for parties, family gatherings and for one-on-one play between friends
Mild language, violence and cartoon.

Please read this manual thoroughly before starting the game.
Features of the game:


-Automatic weapons that you can pick up during the game.

-Walking speed & Coordination Test.
-Various powerups.
-Asymmetrical game between the farmer and the fox.
-2 Player mode, no single player.

Party Mode:
-5 rounds per mini game.
-The player with the highest number of points wins.
-An easy to understand 1 vs 2 gameplay.
-Easy to level up the player.
-The game automatically collects the coins of the player, all you need to do is just click on the coins.

Farming Mode:
-You start out with 8 chickens.
-If the fox gets a chicken you have to shoot the fox.
-If you catch the fox you collect the chicken as bonus reward.
-If you catch the chickens before the fox does you will get no bonus.
-The farmer has 10 guns.
-8 for the farmer, 2 for the fox and 4 for the chickens.
-The farmer and fox can’t attack each other.
-If the fox is eaten by the farmer he will start to come back to life.
-When the fox is revived you can only kill the fox with the farmer’s guns.
-As you level up more guns and powerups will be available.
-If you get eaten by the fox you will not get back to life and the game will be over.



Xenonauts 2 Features Key:

  • 30 minutes of game play in campaign mode.
  • 6 missions in Campaign mode.
  • 3 special bonuses on the side.
  • Coop mode with different types of game modes (the coop mode is in build, survive and others).

Game Requirements:

  • Windows®®
  • OS – 8
  • 2 GB RAM
  • CD/DVD drive
  • 1080p monitors
  • Pc-xbox


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The Chase

The Chase is a first-person survival horror game designed from the ground up for the PC. Intended as a spiritual successor to the renowned Silent Hill franchise, The Chase will be a darker game with no combat or puzzles. It will only be about survival and discovery.
After the terrible events of Silent Hill: Homecoming, the game will take place 20 years later at the legendary Briggs mansion.
The game will be set in the Northern British countryside, where an invasion of unknown threats have struck, leaving several towns and villages in ruins. Players will be able to explore the mansion, its surrounding areas and use collected items and items they find to survive against the onslaught of enemies.

Part of first-person survival horror subgenre; The Chase will combine investigation and exploration aspects, along with the unique survival elements, to create a new and terrifying experience for PC players.


Despite it being an unfinished game, it has been received positively by critics and audiences, receiving a 9.3 score from Steam users. The game later won the ‘Best Debut Game’ award at the Independent Games Festival 2017.
The independent games reviewer ‘MrWhale’ stated in his review of the game, “A complete trip down memory lane, The Chase will bring back all those memories, even if you’ve never played Silent Hill”.

Related Projects

RAM Studios was founded in 2011 and is based in London. Their first release was ‘The Chase’, a first-person survival horror game.

The idea behind the game was actually inspired by the Silent Hill series, which had been a massive influence on Silent Hill: Homecoming. But the setting and design of the game was a different take on the series.

They released a small teaser trailer on Twitter, and then the official launch trailer on YouTube.


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React native is there a workaround for the Image component? and other components that have no such kind of property.

What are the workaround for the Image component, Button component,TextInput or the ListView component. I’m sure there is some


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Use the finger to give the target the appropriate drill to shoot.
This type of minigame is very interesting, as there is a sudden
shift in the gameplay. Previously, the minigame involved aiming with
the mouse. The game changes to aiming with the finger. As such, it
takes some practice. It is a good idea to watch tutorials when
Losing Control:
It is easy to lose control of the target. If you are in control of
the target’s movement, it’s easy to lose control. There are ways to
keep control. If you pick up the target, you will be able to use
the Z button. If you use the Z button to pick up the target, you
will lose all control of the target.
Choosing a Power Supply:
There are several power supplies in the game. You can use a power
supply as a weapon. The power supply is useful for shooting. When
you shoot a power supply, it will fly into the air and explode.
The power supply can also be used as a way to damage a target.
There are two ways to use the power supply. If you press the L
button, you will shoot the target. If you press the L button while
you’re holding the power supply, you will use the power supply. If
you hold the power supply with the L button down, you will use the
power supply as a weapon, but you will not shoot the target. You
can also use the Z button to hold the power supply.
Target Lock-on:
The target has a red color on the screen. When the target is on
your view, you will be able to aim at the target with relative
accuracy. There is a type of lock-on where you will be aiming at
the red color.
There are two targets. One target is stationary and one target is
moving. The stationary target makes it easy to shoot at the target.
You will be able to tell the difference between stationary and
moving targets. Moving targets make it hard to aim at the target
because they move out of the way. As such, it will be hard to
track and aim at the target.
Power Management:
After enough of the power supplies have been destroyed, the game
will pause. You will hear a sound when the pause begins. The game


What’s new in Xenonauts 2: