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I hate The Empire Strikes Back. I think that it was a boring film, and I think that the ending was probably the most disappointing thing of all time. – March 1, 2006JustinW

Here’s a good guide to the film; it’s great. In the Annotated Empire Strikes Back, you’ll find notes on all kinds of things you might not know about it. And on the DVD, there’s a really excellent commentary by the filmmakers – by Mark Hamill, and by Lucas. – March 1, 2006madolof

I liked Empire Strikes Back, I think the only thing that bothered me was that it was so short. Empire I thought sucked, I hated it because they had to go and spoil my fun. – February 25, 2006Jimb

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I loved Empire Strikes Back, I liked it a lot. I heard the same kind of stories about it as you, but I feel they’re all kind of true. I’m not going to go through them all, but people complain about it being made and edited. I think the editing was good, the film was great. The movie was big and emotional, and I felt it captured much of the first movie’s theme perfectly. – February 24, 2006Wagafr

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