those of you who are living in the pandemic can use those few precious days to reconnect with friends that you just haven’t spent time with. imagine checking your phones almost non-stop, but a few minutes a day, you can make a few posts to facebook or instagram to see if any of your friends are wanting to meet up. unlike regular dating apps, it doesn’t have to be a very obvious post to find people who want to meet up for drinks or dinner.

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hookup apps made the way to be safe and legal. even if you have to pay money, there are plenty of sites which give you a safe environment to hook up, without worrying about getting one or the other or being judged for what you are doing.

here are the best hookup apps to do a hookup and have an incredible dating experience. you can also try the premium and featured paid hookup apps that are available for your smartphone for getting laid and making new friends. many of them also offer some tips for safe sex.

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