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When the processing system in the operating system is interrupted, it brings two different types of logical event interrupts: software event interrupts and hardware event interrupts. These interrupts interrupt the program flow of the operating system and normal execution, so the computer system must be returned to a normal state as soon as possible, instead of randomly processing the event according to the interrupt order of the processor. However, the operating system still needs to complete the task in which the interrupt was triggered. Through the interruption mechanism in the operating system, an interrupt from the operating system can be assigned to a specific task within a program. When a task is completed, the operating system can execute the program according to the interrupt order of the processor. The main difference between this mechanism and other mechanisms is that the task of the interrupt is not assigned explicitly but automatically identified by the operating system.

The following is an example of the SIRL instruction, which is executed by the operating system to identify the interrupt handling function and specify the interrupt that is triggered:

sirm = *&irom

It means the interrupt handling function is in the operating system to handle the interrupt of *&irom. The interrupt mechanism in the operating system is specifically designed for the AIX operating system, which is the operating system of IBM. The main aim of the interrupt mechanism in the operating system is to make the computer system more powerful and more convenient to use.

The interrupt mechanism in the operating system is composed of the following two parts:

The operating system itself is responsible for dispatching interrupts, and various types of interrupt are triggered by a processor that supports interrupt processing. The hardware event interrupt is related to the memory of the processor. When the memory of the processor is interrupted, it belongs to the same type of interrupt. When one type of interrupt is triggered, the processor will interrupt the exception flow in order to save the program and process the interruption of the processor.

In the operating system, an interrupt handler is responsible for handling the interrupt in the computer system. An interrupt handler is a piece of code that handles an interrupt.

Handling interrupts in the operating system is not restricted to memory, and a processor can handle other interrupt-associated events when the processor is interrupted, such as IO interrupts and clock interrupts.

The following figure shows how the operating system deals with an interrupt generated by memory. As shown in the figure, the computer system enters the kernel and locates the interrupt handler that has been selected to handle the interrupt and then invokes

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