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Name The Night You’d Wish to Forget
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We built an entirely new engine, and applied it to an existing project to explore creating 3D creatures from scratch.

Final Fantasy Fights and Chops:

Collaborative graphic novel to raise funds for Toy Soldiers and benefit The Carter Center. Learn more and buy your copy here.

Winner of Top Independent Game:

Odds and Oddities II for PC by Kravet Labs

Honorable Mentions:

UNDERTALE for Nintendo 3DS

Petroglyph Games is developing UNDERTALE for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is an exploration of what it means to be human. Players assume the role of…well, you may assume at your own discretion. The game is designed to be experienced through play, not viewed.

Dev Diversion 3:

Like the last two Dev Diversions, Dev Diversion 3 will be a multi-layered content-filled spectacle consisting of our 3 core pillars of Gameplay, Character and Story. But this time with a focus on the character.

Game Play:

Feature: Game Play
The player will play a classic point and click game, Severed, using their own lifeblood as the inspiration for their world. They will use their experience as the character to carry them through the different story threads, but the player will ultimately decide how their character evolves.

Game is designed to be played through in one sitting, but can be extended at the player’s discretion.


Game play takes place inside the player’s body.

A player may only die once per game.

The death of the character may be permanent, or go on in a dreamlike state.

Casting a new game may cause a different personality, or even a soul.

Player death will have different effects, depending on how they died.

Animated in action from our first Dev Diversion.

Explicit Details

There will be several locations available for the player to explore in the game, and they can leave the game at any time and return at any time. The game will have a final round, in which players can explore a new theme.


There will be six levels in the game, separated into three parts. Within each level there will be a different theme.



Players will acquire multiple biogenetic mods in the game.


The Night You’d Wish To Forget Features Key:

  • Multi-Map is with terrains from Earth, Mars and the Moon.
  • Structures were designed.
  • More than 30 first-class heroes with the experience from the ground up.
  • The genuine fifth generation job system.
  • All of the action takes place on the Earth map!
  • Land of Chaos Online II: Revolution

    In following the successful development of Land of Chaos Online, we are ready to release the second version, featuring perfect graphics as well as higher performance. There are many types of environments on the new realm: Earth, Mars, Hell, Moon and Purgatory. Different games are played in each. There are structures designed on the Moon, Hell, Mars, or Sagittarius base created by the new class of Space Trooper or Astronaut. Also, many new heroes with the experience and mature graphics have been inserted into the game. There are many products of these heroes who are also excellent choices for new recruits.

    Development Information

    Developers。The company is composed of multiple leading experts in game development, and development content combined with a range of game designs. Land of Chaos combined leading game design company game world content in the combination of project development, e-business, MMO game version. GAMES the company’s mission was founded on the idea of combining the economy, the development and the game to create a healthy promotion system.

    The company history from July 20th 2007 to July 15th 2011, the company focus was on the development of large-scale multi-user online games. From July 15th 2011 to the present, continuing to promote content in the gaming field and game development, game development stability, and succeeded in different design and development tasks including the MMO games, IP games, type games, series games.

    Currently, we plan to use funding items to continue to develop the game and will continue to support a healthy development of the game and customers. In addition, simultaneous main product service can be supported by the company.

    Access Type and System Links

    Opening access to the game is only an application test


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    What’s new in The Night You’d Wish To Forget:

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    Additional Information

    Name The Night You’d Wish to Forget
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.11 / 5 ( 568 votes )
    Update (11 days ago)


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