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Practical and intuitive DNA sequence analysis software.
Load and view sequences from several types of files
Map them and align sequences visually, as well as run BLAST searches
Create a complete sequence file or BAM from an aligned file
For advanced users: Edit sequences directly in BED or GFF formats
Automatically identify SSRs and SNPs
Automatically annotate and view coding regions, GC content and sequence lengths
Create, edit and download sequence trace files
Stitch small nucleic acid archives (SNAs) into one large file
Fastest DNA sequence alignment program: BLAST
Assist file searches with Hit interpretation
Coverage statistics for NCBI BLAST search outputs
Use Blast2GO to do BLAST searches
Display results in HTML
Preview gene maps in Visio
Manage your genetic resources and distribution metadata
Manage files, projects and images
Export to GenBank, Fasta, FASTA, Sequin, EMBL, GenPept, COGS, Accession, FASTX and PNG image formats
Read sequencs and annotations from GFF, GFF3, ANSI, GSI, EMBL, EMBL-EBI and GenBank formats
Work with BED and GFF data formats for BEDOPS and IDBOP tools
Get rid of unneeded sequences
Align sequences using several alignment methods
Perform BLAST searches in parallel on multiple sequences
Find and replace sequences and features
Conduct pairwise sequence alignments
Map sequences, features, primers and clustering markers to the map
Compute homology measures
Apply a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) to protein sequences
Run a BLAST search against the NCBI non-redundant nucleotide database (nr)
Invoke BLAST searches from within other applications
Publish BLAST results to the Internet via FTP and web services
Manage and access sequences from GSS and NCBI databanks
Create and annotate sequences from XML files
Display nucleotide, protein and gene sequences in a consistent and appealing manner
Toolbox for DNA sequence analysis
Manage projects with Gff and Gff3 file formats
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SnapGene Viewer is a software product that is available for download at the SnapGene Web site.
SnapGene Viewer features:
* Transfer sequences to GenBank, EMBL, and DDBJ formats
* Support for gapped and unpaired DNA sequences
* Support for unannotated DNA sequences
* PCR primer design
* DNA primer design
* DNA sequence annotation
* DNA sequence quality analysis
* ORF checking
* Sequence comparison
* Quick entry of fasta formatted sequences
* Sequence composition analysis
* Viewing and editing of DNA sequences, DNA maps and BLAST output
* Coding sequence detection
* Database organization
* Bases/codon frequencies, translation table, histogram, and BLAST analysis
* FASTA editor
* Sequence printing
SnapGene Viewer is part of the SnapGene suite of products:
SnapGene Designer: Sequence design, file transfer, DNA assembly, primer design
SnapGene Viewer: DNA sequence visualization and editing
SnapGene Classifier: Gene annotation, similarity, multiple alignment
SnapGene Contig Manager: DNA sequence collection, analysis
SnapGene Comparison: Nucleotide and protein sequence comparison
SnapGene Transcript: Transcript sequence comparison
SnapGene sequence preparation: Primer design, primer validation
SnapGene Structure: DNA sequence collection, analysis
SnapGene Sequencer: DNA sequence analysis, sequencing, and numbering
SnapGene Sequence Detector: Auto-detection of DNA sequence features, primers
SnapGene: DNA sequence related tools and protocols

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What’s New in the?

SnapGene Viewer is a software application that’s designed for biologists. This computer application is used for various tasks such as viewing and manipulating DNA sequences, manipulating DNA sequences and performing sequence annotation, aligning and comparing DNA sequences and more. The application is developed for both Windows and Mac platforms.

AxioGraph is an image processing software for Windows. It allows you to create and edit images, graphs, charts, flow charts, diagrams and other graphics. The application features a number of drawing tools which can be easily manipulated and arranged into different shapes and styles.
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Streptomyces thioluteus is a Gram positive bacterium that is known to produce some of the most biologically active compounds found in nature, including a number of antibiotics. Although the species was first isolated in 1935, it took another three decades until scientists finally managed to figure out that S. thioluteus is rather under-researched.
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