Simple Gradebook is a handy and reliable Excel template that can ease the work of teachers everywhere by providing simpler means to calculate final grades.
You can also use it to generate global grade statistics, as well as to quickly issue and print report cards for any student.







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The key features of the Gradebook template for Excel 2007:

Easily calculate any type of grade. From a hard-earned A or B down to the scariest F grades that count.

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Simple Gradebook Crack

A fast and efficient way to calculate your students’ grades using a clean, simple, easy to navigate UI.
Gradebook charts a clear course, and shows overnights, attendance, and overtime, in a neat and clear manner. Data is easily customizable, with an easy tool for the instructor to view and modify data.
Features include:
– Internal Teacher View for quick comparisons to previous days.
– Allow easier grading for repeat questions.
– Print Grades.
– Supports multiple classes.
– Reports and statistical analysis.
– Excel export for easy data analysis.
– Students can also be added to their classes and updated with new information.
– Comments and Statistics for entire groups, or individual students, easy to configure.
– Easy Setup.
– Simple UI for easy navigation.
– Fast.
– Flexible.
– Free version available.
– Requires Excel 2013.
If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us at [email protected].

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Simple Gradebook Crack [Updated-2022]

Simply accounting gradebook excel template is a FREE add-on, which helps teachers of any level to create student grades in a much simpler way.

Simple Gradebook comes with a step-by-step instructions, ready to be followed by you, like a professional teacher.

It includes over 100 templates (over 200+ pages of different type of school grades) for different course/subjects, so you can choose the one that fits your particular needs the best.

The more you use Simple Gradebook, the more it can tailor itself to your specific needs and preferences.

If you don’t like the look of a particular page (for example the beginning of a semester), then you just click the “Edit” button on that particular page and change its appearance the way you want it to be.

As with all professional gradebooks templates, it is never a problem to edit its many pages. You can also add, delete or move any of the thousands of the included charts, tables, shapes and styles.

Simple Gradebook Key Features:

90+ Page Gradebook templates (over 200+ pages included)

Unlimited reports and data settings

Simple and easy-to-use

Supports teachers of any level and any curriculum

Built-in calculations for assignment grades

Allows to assign grades online (VBO or e-portfolio)

Integrated with other VBO tools

Supports VBO system I-TAP

Easy-to-use data form builder

Supports online and offline data collection

Supports multiple languages

Excel table-based gradebook

Easy-to-use data fields to input grades

Unlimited number of students

Supports other batch calculator tools as well

Compatible with MS Excel 2007-2013

Simple Gradebook screenshots:

Simple Gradebook Review:


File Size:

Available For:

Last Updated on: August 5, 2018

Auto Grade Calculators is a useful and accurate online gradebook generator for students and teachers that allows you to generate automatic grades, full- or partial, for their classes.

Auto Grade Calculators Description:

Auto Grade Calculators is an online gradebook calculator, which is free to use, easy to install and reliable.

Auto Grade Calculators provides gradebook functionality that can be set up as you see fit. It comes with over 30

What’s New in the?

Simple Gradebook is a versatile and reliable gradebook template that has been designed to make your grading job easier.
This template will help you to easily grade students and classes, complete with problem-solving templates to easily grade with issue-solving templates.

Simple Gradebook System Requirements:

Microsoft Excel 2007/2008, 2010/2013/2016/365/

Microsoft.NET 4.0 Framework

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications

YEAHSON is a comprehensive high-quality, well-structured and free high school form that can help teachers improve their learning time and teach effective methods of learning.
YOSON LAB gives you various references and tools you can use to learn Korean from the corresponding web sites.
ROBYON LAB is a course management system that you can install into your Excel spreadsheets for easy management of all your courses, students and homework papers.
Students can take and record their own Chinese homeworks with ROBYON STUDENT.
Students can take and record their own Korean homeworks with ROBYON STUDENT.
You can also view student details, issue report, and receive emails.
There are also instructor tools.

Simple Gradebook Features:

Over 2,000 Templates

More than 100 Pre-installed Templates in Simple Gradebook System

New Simple Gradebook System enables the user to update templates without opening the template.

Over 300 Pre-installed Templates in Free YEAHSON 4.0

Over 1,200 Templates in YEAHSON LAB and ROBYON LAB

New! YOSON LAB is integrated into the Simple Gradebook System.

YEAHSON is also provided with e-mail templates for you to send emails to your students.

All the record and print templates are pre-installed.

Search and sort templates within the template library are provided.

Powerful interface with Simple Gradebook System has been designed to ensure the latest technology.

Simple Gradebook System can easily manage 100,000 students and records.

The hard copy of the grade report can be also sent to the students.

System Requirements:

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