for the more adventurous, you’re certainly not going to be struggling to find someone who likes getting in a public place on either of the above apps. both grindr (opens in a new tab) and hornet (opens in a new tab) are hookup apps, but it’s much easier and frankly safer to find a partner on one of these apps in a public place. if you just want to have sex with your phone (opens in a new tab)in the privacy of your home, fetlife (opens in a new tab) might just be the app for you. that said, you’re going to have to pay for premium membership to access the people who want to meet for sex (opens in a new tab)at the time you want. also, no penis pictures or videos or anything like that, folks.

while there are probably a handful of dating apps in this exact category, one of the most popular options is the good dates app. it’s great for those in a long-distance relationship, as it will pair you up with a person in the same time zone, who is likely to understand your sporadic posting and wake up early to chat. the app also helps you find things to do after a first date, so you can spend more time together when you’re in the same place.

all of these apps are great for someone wanting a short-term fling (opens in a new tab), but there’s another option if you want to sleep with someone you’ve never seen before and have no idea what they look like. its users are the best kept secret, but bluz (opens in a new tab)is a sexual transportational experience with some of the hottest guys in the world. you can’t message or otherwise interact with anyone, but you can give a brief description of what you’re looking for and it’ll match you with the people who are into that kind of thing. and you’ll have to pay, but there’s a secret code to lower the price by over half.

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