This is a fantasy action RPG about a young man who is recruited by the Blue Lions, a guild of warriors who protect the Lands Between. As the main protagonist, you have the option of choosing to follow the path of the warrior or that of the magus.
Along with your comrades, help them to clear a vast world of numerous dungeons and invading enemies, and take part in dramatic events!
ELDEN RING GAME features the large-scale “tag team” battle system, where players can select characters and equippable weapons in unison to execute special attacks. Of the over 40 world events, including story, battles, and dialogue, players are able to experience the unique contents of the game with roughly 30% of the story content.


Elden Ring for PlayStation 4 will be released in Japan on July 28.

• PlayStation®4 version is a standard version in the PlayStation®Store. PlayStation®4 Pro version is a Special Type version and will be included in the bonus content.

■System Requirements:


To experience the action of the game on a large scale, we request that you have a minimum of a PlayStation®4 system with 32GB of available storage space and a broadband internet connection.

• Subscription to an internet service with a broadband connection is not required to play the game.

■ Note:

1. It is prohibited to duplicate, sell, or distribute the game outside of Japan.

2. The location of content may vary depending on the country you are located.

3. Some content may be restricted to certain countries.

4. In the event of any changes or modifications to the game, Sony Interactive Entertainment reserves the right to change or modify the service and/or the content without prior notice.

All game-related content is distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios. For more information about the software and all content included with it, visit:

This content is also available at:


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A stunning world
    A vast world which may look like a picture book, but is also filled with monsters you have never encountered before.
  • Become a great player
    By creating your own character, you make your own story. You can develop your character using a wide variety of gameplay situations.
  • Multiplayer
    You can join other players who want to enjoy a common storyline. You can form a party of your creation, travel across the world, and fight monsters together.
  • Online Lineage
    You can participate in lineages where you can play the same role as other players. From the beginning, you can be a part of an upcoming story.
  • Skill
    At the start of your adventure, use this power to conquer the Lands Between and explore the vast world. Defeating hostile monsters will help you grow stronger.
  • Guild System
    Join a guild where you can enjoy the benefits of the online world together while also engaging in intra-guild communication. Enjoy guild life without the limitations of borders.
  • Disclaimer:

    Due to the nature of cloud gaming, the details of the plans for online aspects may differ between regions; further, a patch may be released that changes the game balance. In addition, to adjust to changed conditions as the game becomes more developed, these details may change. We feel that none of these will have a negative effect, but do not yet know for certain. If you have any questions, please ask through
    “ target=“_blank”>our website.”>

    DLC—Réflections of an Ordinary Mage      —These
    are the Ordinary Mage’s Reflections
    DescriptionThe world of magic has been
    changed by the Calamity


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    The Elden Ring(오리아 원리대총장)is a fantasy action RPG with drawing mechanics developed by Unity and is available on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android.
    The game is based on a connected fantasy world in which a family of elves, known as the Elden, has ruled over the humans. The family of elves was touched by the magic of an ancient artifact called the Tarnished Ring, and the Elder of the Elden family, Agrius Astar, raised the humans. The humans grew fast, and the Elden family feared that they might kill them if the humans were not satisfied and destroyed the evil and power-hungry elves.
    The game begins with Agrius giving his daughter Elexa, also known as “Tarnished”, to the humans in exchange for the humans’ help to rescue the Elves. Tarnished moved to the human world with her human husband and his sons, and they encountered the second Elder, Erelonde, and her daughter, Elaris. In addition, Tarnished grew to be a general of the human force and a rival of Erelonde’s daughter.
    There are eight areas in the game, namely, Airstral, Verdant, Lost, Azure, Peak, Temple, Realm, and Realm Expansion, and eight characters in the game, namely, Elexa (Tarnished), Elaris, Ronn, Erelonde, Agrius, Hal, and Elda, and four weapons: Ax, Bow, Stone, and Sword. In combat, the character, using the associated weapon, can attack enemies with various attacks in one go and use magic skills in a cooldown state. In addition, character upgrading is possible, and a combo received in a combat allows the character to continue to a new phase. The combo is increased by attacking more powerful enemies. The game contains a vast amount of quests and a vast world.
    The game has received positive reviews.

    A boss who is said to be a ‘protagonist.’

    Arrius Astar. When talking to him,


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    Fantasy Action RPG The new Action RPG is full of Fantasy Elements which we can not see in any other games. Read more for other details.

    • Experience a New Vast World
    A vast world, which is divided into three different areas, open fields, a castle, and a dungeon.

    • A Variety of Characters to Choose
    Gives you the freedom to choose the one that best suits you and your style of playing.

    • A High Fantasy World where the Darkness is not a Symbol of Doom
    While there are dungeons filled with darkness, the darkness in the world is only a story, and does not serve as a symbol of doom.

    • Strong Player Community
    A strong community where you can freely communicate with other players.

    • Special Online Features

    ■Asynchronous Online

    Asynchronous online where you can enjoy a massively multiplayer action RPG with friends, in the same world at the same time.


    BATTLE Mode which allows players to directly connect with each other.

    ■Not simply a shared world, but a living world!

    Connects the various thoughts of the characters in the game to each other in the game’s myth so you can feel the presence of others.

    A pack of combatants arrives in a world made of stone and ashes, and begins to seek the seats of the former leaders of the land.

    As opposed to the Kingdoms, cities, and castles of the past, the lands between the Kingdoms is a land overflowing with corruption and obstacles.

    A place where resolute battles are fought, where new conflicts and new races will emerge.

    A place where the land and magic are redefined by the living wills of those who have fallen upon hard times.

    A broken world where the dead still walk among the living…

    A mighty mage can be a savior in this world. Or a mean soul with a great skill can be the target of the powerful who live in that land.

    The world is filled with danger and the merciless. As the hero rises, please wield your sword in the name of justice. And as the hero steps down, please exercise compassion towards those who live in that land.

    • Tarnished Lord [Title]

    ◆Classes and Skills◆
    • Warrior
    • Mage
    • Cleric

    A Guild of Legendary Adventurers.



    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Author: Katsumasa Suzuki
    Release date: 2017-09-16
    Genre: Fantasy action RPG
    Size: 1.22 GB

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the patch file.
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  • Run the setup.exe and follow the instructions
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  • Changelog:

    1.5.0 – 2015.02.11
    New update has been released to 1099 users. Due to some errors at Gogkan, we added the new effect to the item, Dark Summon Stone and added new item to the shop: “Enhanced Summon Stone V.2”.
    Also we fixed problems on implemenation (Endermen, enchanted weapon/armor durability increased, collection window in UIM).”

    1.4.4 – 2015.01.25
    New update has been released to 952 users. We have changed the conditions to duplicate quest items to reducing the buff to increase the item quantity.
    The game can still be played, only with reduced items.
    We were looking for solutions to solve the errors, but we currently cannot fix it. For now, please update and enjoy the game.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us on CharClub.

    1.4.3. 1 – 2015.01.21

    • Increased the stickiness of archers, in order to fix the performance issue.
      If you have an error “Made it here with an error” then you can contact us at CharClub.
    • New update of portage.xml.
    • Url to download the portage.xml. (>

    1.4.2 – 2015.01.16
    New update has been released to 943


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
    Intel Core 2 Duo E2180 (2.2 GHz) or equivalent
    AMD Phenom II X4 955 (3.6 GHz) or equivalent
    RAM: 2 GB (4 GB on Steam)
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT 512 MB, AMD Radeon HD 3200 Graphics or equivalent
    Storage: 30 GB available space
    Sound card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible with stereo or surround sound


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