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• An Action RPG for PlayStation 4
This is a fantasy action role-playing game developed by Anarchy Development. It combines elements of roguelike with an action game, and features an incredible story where you take the lead of a character who has fallen to the bottom of the society. Developed in collaboration with ZeniMax Online Studios.


An independent video game developer based in Tokyo, Japan. Anarchy is a studio that delivers arcade action games of fantasy, roguelike, and turn-based styles using a new gaming engine. In developing ANARCHY, they had a global focus, but knew that they could not implement a full overseas-only game without knowing at least basic English. Therefore they placed a strong emphasis on writing the game’s dialogue, and also chose to use English as the game’s main language.

They have released several arcade titles. As previously announced, ANARCHY has been nominated for several Game of the Year awards. Learn more about Anarchy at:


ZeniMax Online Studios ( is a fully integrated digital game entertainment company formed in 2014 that develops, publishes and manages interactive entertainment content on all digital platforms. The company’s headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, in the United States and its games are distributed worldwide through digital distribution platforms. The company owns and operates, an online social games community, as well as two development studios located in San Mateo, California and Tokyo, Japan.

About Secret Shop / Secret Village:

Start your adventure in the land of the Elden Ring, and take on your destiny as a Tarnished.

Reject things that are not worthy of you.

‘The Tarnished’ being the first stage, it is a world of jaguars, penguins, monkeys and cacti. The rules will be laid down from this point to the next, so I will not go into detail about the game’s action or story.

To begin the game, you will want to choose a class from the menus, and if you create your character, you will be asked to select a class and gender. You will then be given a name. After the name is decided, you will also


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Enter a vast world where you can forge a new life
  • A modern fantasy game in which you can freely combine a growing number of classes in order to customize your own play style
  • Complex dungeons with different layouts* that can be freely explored and clear the scores for each mob
  • An asynchronous online element that supports multiplayer open to other players that you can follow along with
  • A curious world full of opportunities to enjoy your own way of life
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    * Different layouts are in preparation.Automatic Detection of Retinopathy Using Vision Restoration and Local Binary Pattern to Feature Extraction.
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    Elden Ring Free For PC [2022]

    Anonymous, 2015/04/01


    Google Play

    Jordan, 2015/02/19

    great game, wish i had more gems to buy even for free.

    Google Play

    Anonymous, 2015/02/15

    This game is super fun. It’s sad that TPGC doesn’t have any sequels because it is a pretty fun game.

    Google Play

    Anonymous, 2015/01/26

    Pretty fun but I would have enjoyed more content, more and better dungeons and more weapons.

    Google Play

    Anonymous, 2015/01/25

    Great game.

    Google Play

    Anonymous, 2015/01/09

    Super fun game, but I really wish you could play with other people online, preferably in co-op.

    Google Play

    Anonymous, 2014/12/18

    Fun game, though I wish some of the dungeons were easier and had more gold.

    Google Play

    Anonymous, 2014/11/05

    i really liked this game, it was the first game that I played on android and what i really liked was just the diversity of the game, there is something for everyone, so don’t get frustrated if you are not used to the style, i like what I do and I can guarantee you that if you are like me and like challenges and a little of everything, you will enjoy this game.

    Google Play

    Anonymous, 2014/11/04

    I really enjoyed the game. It’s very exciting and entertaining. Overall, this game is very hard, but I was able to finish it so that’s pretty good.

    Google Play

    Anonymous, 2014/11/01

    I think this game is great. It’s very fun and if you are looking for an awesome action RPG, this is the game for you. The variety of the game is surprising and definitely worth the purchase.

    Google Play

    Anonymous, 2014/11/01

    I like this game it’s cute and fun to play. This is a really nice game and it has so much content. The gameplay is fun and the dungeons are really fun to play. I just wish that there were more people to play with and there would be more weapons and more money. Overall, this game is awesome.

    Google Play


    Elden Ring Free [Mac/Win] [2022-Latest]

    1. You can use the mouse or keyboard

    2. The game can be played in offline mode in addition to online play

    3. In this mode you cannot communicate with other players

    Additional Features

    A) Battle System

    Battle System

    * Actions move and deal more damage than normal

    B) Player Stats

    Battle Characteristics









    * For each weapon you have equipped, there are six types of attack

    * There are also two kinds of defense.

    C) Magic System

    Magic System

    * Create your own magic

    D) Battle Scene

    Battle Scene

    * There are four kinds of battle scene, each with its own specialties.

    E) Party System

    Party System

    The maximum party size is 8.

    The maximum party size is 8.

    Party Commanders

    * Commanders are special units whose personality changes with the battle.

    Party Commanders

    * Commanders are special units whose personality changes with the battle.

    H) Skill Symbols

    Skill Symbols

    * There are six symbols in total, one of which is the core skill.

    * You can show the skills that you have learned by pressing the skills key and clicking on the skill that you want to display

    * There are six symbols in total, one of which is the core skill.

    * You can show the skills that you have learned by pressing the skills key and clicking on the skill that you want to display


    In order to play online, you need to use the Steam client. On Steam it is possible to use the various clients that Steam offers for other applications (e.g. Origin, For details, please refer to the Steam page on games using the Steam client.

    In addition, a limited number of games may not be compatible with the version of Steam that you own or you are using.

    However, we are aware of this situation and working to address it.

    If this is the case with your game, please contact us at

    Furthermore, there may be compatibility issues between games that are compatible with the Steam client and the games that we have offered. In such


    What’s new in Elden Ring:



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    Change Log

    The game and artwork has been created.Development is under way. Check back soon for more information!


    The first detailed description on the web.


    [2013.11.10] Funimation has been released! Due to a delay, it was finally released last Thursday instead of last Friday. 😀

    [2013.12.11] The definite release has been announced! 🙂

    [2014.01.16] It’s been more than a year since its development. Dormant development has resumed and some people have been experiencing the progress. 🙂

    [2014.01.26] The animation for the character images on the custom character creation page has been done and shown off. 🙂

    [2014.01.28] Added the starting castle of the Bannermen into the tutorial area.

    [2014.01.28] Fixed a bug where players would be lost between the starting city and the tutorial area by accident.

    [2014.02.09] I’ve received your regards regarding the 1-on-1 play. Thank you very much. I’m thankful for being accepted. 😀

    [2014.02.09] Added a farewell message.

    [2014.02.14] Added a message just for my non-Japanese friends.

    [2014.02.16] Added a note regarding some bugs.

    [2014.02.20] Added an animation for the directional control when character movement is disabled.

    [2014.02.20] Added an animation for the avatar that the custom creator can make.

    [2014.02.21] Added a message for some people that the Custom Creator is still in an early state.

    [2014.03.17] Started implementing the ability for the character movement settings to be saved/reloaded per session.
    Note that save/load needs to be made on the server (logout is still needed) in order for the saved custom movement settings to be applied.

    [2014.04.22] Initial tests for the travel log feature have been implemented.


    Development is underway. The game and artwork has been created


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    System Requirements:

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    DirectX: Version 11, Pixel Shader: Version 5.0
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    Internet: Broadband Internet connection
    How to Play:
    Install Driver Installer.
    Install at least one Steam Client.
    Download, install and run the game.