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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Crafting-class Epic Battle with an Educational Feel
    • Consumable item creation is supported, enabling the tradition of the most epic serial fantasy.
    • You can use a variety of disposable items to fight with your weapon. This can be used and traded to craft items and customize your character.
    • Rewards obtained from battle are wealth that can be earned to create items.
    • The battle of hero-class is limited to six party members, and characters are balanced according to the number of characters created.
    • The battles of elf-class and minstrel are included to create an entertaining battle environment.
  • Fight with full-powered classes with Overhaul improvements.
  • Three skills to choose from, enhancing combat power with the AP (Attack Power) system. Balance of skills will be changed, so be sure to be in good team.
  • A variety of skills are consumed, healing is consumed, and armor and weapons can be consumed.
  • Explore various fortresses, towns, and dungeons.
  • Exclusive and convenient user interface using a battle system that takes advantage of controller technology.
  • Extended graphics and special effects.
  • Various gameplay styles, such as hunting and end level modes.
  • Make important connections with the NPCs of the lands between.
  • The world of the Lands Between is filled with a variety of story fragments.
  • A deep and pure RPG experience.
  • Transfer gameplay experience to improve your skills within the region.
  • An enhance option to customize your screen more freely.

    In Tarnished, you can choose your characters’ class and skills at the character creation screen. At the same time, you can create items to customize your character’s appearance.

    The classic RPG theme is maintained with a battle system that will bring joy to fans of the genre, and for the more adventurous, there are also monster (boss) battles. There are also as many gameplay styles as there are people playing the game. There are also unique


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    ‘A NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Cracked Version and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. The game features a vast world full of excitement, as well as being able to freely create your own character, develop your own play style, and connect with other players in an online community. An epic drama born from a myth. New fantasy action role-playing game ‘Dota 2′ has a large array of characters to choose from, but simply let you run away. It will be a little difficult to play, and there is even a rival player, you also have a splendid online environment. This game also has a multiplayer mode for you to match with other people in the same room, but to the extent that it can only play with players in the same region, but the game can not be played through the Internet. As there are many online players, a good online community and good communication, this game is now a classic game to play, and it brings more players, it will be even more fun to play again.

    March 15, 2015
    review by Vaurien,

    I’m not completely surprised, but I like my heroes and heroes’ stories, and this game is no exception.

    The game provides a good, anime-like graphic and anime-like sound, but there’s little to notice.

    The character creation method was boring, but I didn’t really have any trouble creating heroes or warriors.

    The interface was straightforward and that was nice. I enjoyed how you could control the game whenever you wanted.

    It was easy to make choices and it seemed that a lot of effort had been put into the campaign mode.

    The game had a dedicated community, which is a wonderful thing.

    The game was really fun.


    The multiplayer mode was horrible.

    The graphics and textures didn’t really appeal to me.

    It was difficult to find heroes. I was so bored that I searched for hours.

    I enjoyed the fact that there were so many different heroes to choose from.

    There was a lack of quests and the storylines seemed to be broken.

    The storyline was completely different.

    I did like the fact that it was easy to play with other players in the same room.

    The voice actor in the game was terrible and irritating.


    I didn


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    [Tap to expand]

    ・Core mechanics of the game are simple (making the action focus on maintaining your attacks in rhythm and managing “Rage”)
    ・More than 15 character types with various character growth strategies
    ・Four character customization options: Appearance, Skill, Weapon and Armor


    ・Mission Objectives
    ・Various missions that drastically change in events and strategies.
    ・Acquire new and powerful weapons, items, and characters using an important resource: Rage
    ・Other Story line such as “Fight with Morley”, “Familiar Story”, etc.

    【Mission Timeline】

    ・The Missions Map
    ・Daily missions
    ・Extendable Missions


    ・Rank Up
    ・Purchase the items, skills, and characters you want using the “Rage” you obtain as a result of missions and other actions.

    ・A Variety of Missions

    [Tap to expand]

    The main story introduces the transformation of the protagonist

    Day 1
    The protagonist is forced to carry out a mission as an unwilling fighter. He is summoned to a room called “Elden Ring” by the command of the Elden, is attacked by S-souls, the enemy appearing in the “Elden Ring”. The protagonist meets a girl named “Balye”. He encounters another girl, Bat-na Koori, whom he was looking for. He saves Bat-na Koori. The protagonist will be drawn into a mission by both sides.

    Day 2
    The protagonist encounters “Morley”, a crazed and dangerous monster, and that battle will be his first mission. The protagonist continues the mission to kill the “S-souls” of “Elden Ring” as well as “Balye”. The protagonist fights Morley. The protagonist finds “S-Soul Woman” that was in Morley’s body.

    Day 3
    S-Soul Woman ask the protagonist to join her, but he refuses. In return, the protagonist will receive new orders.

    Day 4
    After a three-day gap, the protagonist is commanded by the Elden to be an adventurer and to investigate where the “Elden Ring” is. At the same time, the protagonist receives an


    What’s new:

    In this new world, the youthful lord of old, Locke, is dead. The Elden Ring and the daughter with emotions, Laura, reflect this. In order to restore the dead Locke, Atel was told to start a skirmish on the Lands Between.
    It was the starting point of the clash between the innocent Laura and the manipulative Atel.
    • Building the World of Tarnished
    We traveled to the deepest regions of the Lands Between in order to realize a fantasy that exceeded our expectations. Be it for fans of the fantasy RPG genre or for those who want to experience something new in Tarnished, this game is worth trying.

    The plan is to gradually release new content from time to time. In addition, we will be holding development talks and contests at the E3 Expo.
    The multiplayer system also offers more players the chance to experience the forest as one.

    We hope you look forward to it!

    Title: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Genre: RPG Developer: Koji Igarashi Publisher: Inti Creates Platform: PS Vita Release Date: TBA Price: $39.99

    Available for the first time in North America, the critically-acclaimed cult hit, “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night” is an 8-bit/16-bit style RPG set in a gothic Western world. It has players infiltrating a Charnel City ruled by Mother Megalomaga, a devil-like creature also known as Mother Cego and Queen Metia. As a child, the protagonist, Albedo, cut off his right hand to free his sister, Murakami, in a catastrophic act of folly, which created an age-old contract that binds them as blood-related twins forever. Now, hundreds of years later, the infants guardians have to uncover the dark secrets behind Mother Cego’s twisted plans. While the horned enemies and fiendish traps that line Albedo’s quest are replete with in retro-style art, “Bloodstained” delivers a dark, meaningful story that challenges players’ perceptions of what constitutes a “good” play style.

    Supporting characters include Stella, the half-vampire who wields wooden nails (Reietsu); Horatio, the half-wolf tasked with protecting Albed


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    PC GAME:


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    I have a package that I’ve maintained for a few years now, and have a few users.
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    I recently made a major update, and have released a new version to CRAN.
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    System Requirements:

    • Windows 7-Windows 8-Windows Server 2008-10-Windows Server 2012
    • 1.6 GB RAM minimum
    • Celeron 2 GHz Minimun
    • 320MB DirectX 9.0c

    Download Links (Warriors of the North):

    • The Cracked exe version
    • The Origin archive (Which contains the three new packs that have been released for the new expansion) (I recommend that you wait for the official Dragon Voice sounds test to be released)
    • The Uninstaller that will help you uninstall your cracked version of the game (I recommend that you run the uninstaller before deleting / replacing the X* folders)
    • The ViewMap.exe that will display some beautiful and very useful maps for the new game patch. Use it to understand some parts of the new world a little better.

    More Info (Source):