An online game developed by NGW Corporation, the future of the mysterious and exciting game universe based on the beloved Blade & Soul series.



Enhance your Skills through Experience Points

Ensuring high durability and a variety of combat attacks, the blade-based “Talent Action” system is introduced. The more you attack, the more experience points you will earn, and the higher the level you will reach.


Class Transformation from Solo to Party Play

With a quick class transformation, you can easily switch between solo and party play. It is easy to jump into a party and experience the excitement of fierce battles with your friends.


Brand-new Outfits, Gear, and Hats for Your Character

The game introduces an army of new outfits, hats, weapons, and more. The diversity of the equipment is impressive.


Easy to Create Exciting Battles

The new version of battle mode, “Battle Filters,” has been applied to the online combat game. It is easier for beginner players to enjoy the game and get involved in the ever-evolving combat.


New Events to Enjoy the Game with Your Friends

An array of new events and other features is introduced, and they are sure to bring excitement to the online game.


New Classes: The Ultimate Weapon Fighter, Beast Fighter, and the Unique Lv. 1 Skill-User

The “Gladiator,” “Beast Hunter,” and “Skill-User” classes that were introduced before have been refreshed and improved.


New Chara Portraits to make Friendships More Compelling

The touch interface of the game has been changed, and new character portraits have been added. The expressions of the characters also became more diverse.


New Design, Visuels & Interface Features

The graphics have been redone in “Valencia” and the layout has also been changed.


The firm of NGW Corporation is founded by a strong team of game developers who are passionate about game


Features Key:

  • 5 Classes and 11 Skills that Start You Off With a Basic Skill Set
    5 Elden Rings, Each with a Unique Skill Set
    Unending Act and Story Development System
    Become a Legendary Dungeon Commander
    Deckbuilding System and Illusory Breakthrough System

  • Trailblazer – Mushroom Shuffle

    A new teleportation-based online RPG serving up a whole host of fresh possibilities, this Mushroom Shuffle outshines the rest with its intuitive interface, its varied map for different types of free roaming, and its powerful character creation system.

    Trailblazer – Early Access

    A new teleportation-based online RPG serving up a whole host of fresh possibilities, this Mushroom Shuffle outshines the rest with its intuitive interface, its varied map for different types of free roaming, and its powerful character creation system. Trailblazer – Early Access is an independent part of Mushroom Shuffle, which features an unending labyrinth map and a unique character creation system. All the features of the full version are included in Early Access. No matter how you choose to play Mushroom Shuffle, you can enjoy a high degree of independence.

    Trailblazer – Anarchy

    A new teleportation-based online RPG serving up a whole host of fresh possibilities, this Mushroom Shuffle outshines the rest with its intuitive interface, its varied map for different types of free roaming, and its powerful character creation system. The route to destruction! Eaten by mice, lost in a labyrinth and burned to death. Run for your life! A mad bandit sweep rides through the grassy landscape. This is not just a place full of mushrooms that burst into blossom and turn into enemies. The Maze is a district where something terrible lurks, waiting for you. Dare to challenge this district! Or better yet, join the crazy adventure!

    Trailblazer – Journey

    A new teleportation-based online RPG serving up a whole host of fresh possibilities, this Mushroom Shuffle outshines the rest with its intuitive interface, its varied map for different types of free roaming, and its powerful character creation system. Eaten by mice, lost in a labyrinth and burned to death. Run for your life! A mad bandit sweep rides through the grassy landscape


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    Reviews Elden Ring game:

    Reviews Elden Ring game:

    All character and game designs are the intellectual property of the respective copyright holders.

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    • Explore the Lands Between and Explore the Whims of the World The Lands Between is the world created for the Elden Ring game, a fantasy RPG inspired by traditional fantasy games. Exploring the Lands Between means searching for the ways that connect the various worlds formed by the game. The Lands Between contain numerous hundreds of ancient sites that continuously lure the player to explore them and discover the true stories behind their mysteries. Every Ancient Site the player explores adds a story of its own, with different varieties, and shows new surprises.
    • Amazing Adventures along your Journey As you explore the Lands Between, much more awaits you. Terrain types differ depending on the regions. In the mountain-filled regions, there are multiple paths and trails. Many locations may be reached only by challenging challenges. Dungeons and ruins also abound, with monsters of various types. The extreme difficulty of the battles often keeps you in a state of alertness. You must be constantly on your guard. However, there is no place that is impossible to conquer. The more you fight, the more your strength will increase, and you will come to find the path to the top of the world.
    • Gameplay and Story with a Multilayered Turn-Based System The gameplay follows a turn-based system where each of the characters makes a series of actions by pressing the appropriate button. Every turn can be used to execute attacks, use skills, cast spells, or use items. Depending on the circumstances, the approach can be either tactical or straightforward. The actions and skills of the characters are carefully connected to the mission. The actions of other characters also affects the state of the battle.
    • Active Action Enjoy a rich story with the Unity of Action and Exploration While you are enjoying the turn-based battles, the active action features of the Gameplay type of Elden Ring lets you enjoy the limitless battles. In the active action, you attack by pressing the correct button corresponding to the attack you are about to perform. You also use skills and items. The timing of these actions is important. You can use them during any turn; an opportunity for you to inflict maximum damage to the opponent. However, you can also attack at opportune moments. Use this opportunity to inflict the maximum damage to the opponent, and surprise your opponent. The entire battlefield is a stage in which you can express yourself as a hero using the fantastic battle elements.
    • Fight along with Non-Player Characters In the previous version of the game, defeating monsters or bosses with the help of non-


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    WizKid, Inc. have open-sourced the RPG Maker MV on Github, a source code that’s able to run on all major operating systems and can be shared with others via torrents.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
    Mac OS 10, Mac OS 8
    Linux – Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or Fedora 26 or CentOS 7 or Debian 9 or Debian 8
    Minimum 1GB of RAM
    Adobe Creative Cloud 2017
    SDK Version:
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