Recovery Toolbox File Undelete Free is a pretty simple software program whose purpose is to retrieve files from your hard drive, including those removed using the “Shift+Delete” hotkey.
Simple setup and wizard-like interface
The installation process is over in a jiffy and it does not offer to download any products that are not actually necessary for the application to function fully. After you complete it, you are greeted by a pretty simple and clean interface which is built as a wizard, with tips and advice at every step, and thus making sure that all types of users can get around it.
View details about recoverable items
By using this utility you can retrieve files from any drive you can think of, provided it encloses a NTFS file system. These items can be recovered even if the “Shift+Delete” shortcut keyboard was used, and you can list all of them in the main window along with details such as name, size, overwritten percentage, date, time and attributes.
Options to tweak and the retrieval process
You should know that, usually, recently deleted items are easier to retrieve, as the changes of having data written over them diminishes. It is possible to select files in order to process them, select the output directory and restore mode (directory tree or one folder for all items), and choose what action to take when a file in the target directory already exists.
Conclusion and performance
The amount of resources required is low at all times and thus, the system’s performance is not going to be hampered. The response time is good, the interface is accessible to all users and we did not come across any freezes, bugs or hangs in our tests.
Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say Recovery Toolbox File Undelete Free is a pretty efficient piece of software for retrieving deleted items from the HDD.







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Eusing Free MP3 Cutter displays a simple interface with seven tabs, allowing you to handle audio files in a convenient manner. The first tab is the main one, with seven shelves. The second and third ones are used to preview and trim the files and the last one contains the list of all marked tracks. If you need to open an audio file, just select it and press “Open” to initiate the operation.
After opening a file, you can preview the clip and mark the start and end positions, in order to easily split the audio track. The tool is very user-friendly, following a neat and clear procedure. There are no complications, so you can process a lot of audio files at one time. Also, the program is very stable, with no sign of lags or crashes.
Furthermore, Eusing Free MP3 Cutter offers no batch processing option, which can come in handy, especially if you have a lot of files to handle. The help file could be stored in the desktop folder as it is not present in the application itself.
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The tool comes with a wide range of functionality. You can search for torrent files, drag-and-drop them to the program and load them to start the process. On the other hand, you can select any folder and perform the whole content search, before adding any of the files to the torrent list.
Additionally, you can search through the groups and download them individually or delete the ones you don’t need. Moreover, there’s no limit in the amount of torrents you can add, so if the size and number of files are limited for you, the tool allows you to download multiple files.
On top of that, you can estimate the bandwidth you need to make sure a given download finishes in time, leaving you enough headroom. There is no help file available.
The functionality of ICE Browser is quite convenient, allowing you to search for torrent files and download them to start the process. Also, this tool manages to keep a neat and organized interface, with the possibility to sort through the files and compare them between each other, as well as find the latest version.
On the other hand, the most important thing is the rating and the file sharing system behind the website of the program. ICE Browser is powered by the ShBitTorrent, a piece of software known for its minimal memory requirements and easy-to-use interface.
Furthermore, you can compare ratings and view file sharing statistics, as well as manage the set of

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Index.dat analyzer is an innovative utility for both home and business users alike. Combining valuable tools such as file search, information retrieval, file scanning, and analysis, Index.dat analyzer is designed to investigate Index.dat files, images, and other content.
Index.dat Analyzer will allow you to search for and scan Index.dat files, images, and other content including:
• Intuit QuickBooks file extensions, including QBW, qbb, and qbid
• You may wish to search the database for keywords within the xml structure of Intuit Quicken file extensions (ie xlm, xlb, xmdb, xma, etc.)
• Other file extensions, including Excel, TXT, aip, etc.
• Images, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc.
• Microsoft Word file extensions, including mak, mai, mdb, etc.
• Word Processing documents, including wps, wpd, etc.
• Internet Explorer favorites, including favorites, favorites2, favorites3, favorites4, favorites5, favorites6, favorites7, favorites8, favorites9, favorites10, favorites11, favorites12, favorites13, favorites14, favorites15, favorites16, favorites17, favorites18, favorites19, favorites20, favorites21, favorites22, favorites23, favorites24, favorites25, favorites26, favorites27, favorites28, favorites29, favorites30, favorites31, favorites32, favorites33, favorites34, favorites35, favorites36, favorites37, favorites38, favorites39, favorites40, favorites41, favorites42, favorites43, favorites44, favorites45, favorites46, favorites47, favorites48, favorites49, favorites50, favorites51, favorites52, favorites53, favorites54, favorites55, favorites56, favorites57, favorites58, favorites59, favorites60, favorites61, favorites62, favorites63, favorites64, favorites65, favorites66, favorites67, favorites68, favorites69, favorites70, favorites71, favorites72, favorites73, favorites74, favorites75, favorites76, favorites77, favorites78, favorites79, favorites80, favorites81, favorites82, favorites83, favorites84, favorites85, favorites86, favorites87, favorites88, favorites89, favorites90, favorites91, favorites92, favorites93, favorites94, favorites95, favorites96, favorites97, favorites98, favorites99, favorites100, favorites

Recent Files

The application can be used to save all your most recent files in a simple list.
You can choose a folder (e.g. your desktop), or organize your files in different ways, using the four columns: A: Name, B: Creation date, C: Size, D: Viewer’s CPU usage.
The main window and its toolbar are very simple to use and it should be no problem for users with medium knowledge.
Despite being so simple, Recent File Description is capable of performing several different tasks simultaneously. A relatively high performance is attained by using notepad and Wordpad as the viewers.
Although this is not a proper file manager, the program includes some useful features such as its own file system, and a clean interface.
Launch a file manager with this app!
While the Windows archive utility can be pretty useful for most people, some of us might feel the urge to sort through their archive files by time of creation.
Fortunately, the WinRAR Professional application comes with a file sorting feature that allows you to sort files by different criteria, including date and size.
This tool is available on Windows XP SP1 or greater and it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit PCs. Unlike most compressors, this software is well-reviewed, with a 4.7-star average rating among 5 reviews.
WinRAR Professional offers four sorting methods: By creation date, by name, by size, and by type.
All sort options can be modified and you can even create your own sorting rules. The latter feature is particularly useful when dealing with multiple archives stored on different drives.
This is an extremely simple tool that should be easily usable by most people. Some users reported that it might take a few seconds to load depending on the number of files and folders stored in the archive.
To keep your archive files clean, WinRAR Professional supports RAR compressing, ZIP archiving, and LZMA converting. You can specify file opening and updating dates and compress file permissions.
Standard compression settings are not required for the program.
You can create archives with multiple files and folders with the basic install, but you can also use files and folders from the WinRAR community, as long as they are distributed under the GNU General Public License.
WinRAR Pro has a clean interface, lightweight design, and a handy sorting feature that, however, might not suit the needs of beginners and advanced users.
A fairly new tool on the Windows market that helps users save

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Based on Foxit Reader, FoxitWriter is a full-featured program that can be used for tasks such as indexing, form filling, digital signature capture, digital forms, and PDF annotation.
Additionally, you may use the built-in search engine, which makes it incredibly easy to get to specific pages or search for files and folders. Not to mention that the font manager is also quite useful, enabling you to create, edit, search for and apply custom fonts.
Despite the many features, FoxitWriter doesn’t require a lot of memory, so it is a viable option for low-resource computers. The program uses practically zero memory when working with single files, but it can consume a lot of resources when dealing with multiple files at the same time, which is typical of this kind of tool.
Apple Mail is a free e-mail client available for Mac OS X.
An e-mail client is an essential tool that helps to get work done faster and better.
With Mail, you can create, read and send individual or group e-mails. Importantly, you are able to receive and reply to e-mails or to draft new ones.
The program lets you connect to services such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and mobile e-mail providers, as well as Microsoft Exchange servers. In addition, you can manage multiple accounts through the use of logins, allowing you to keep track of all incoming messages.
The program also allows you to synchronize your mail account with third-party applications, so you don’t have to open it every time you want to check or send messages.
To add an account, you must click the “Add Account” button and enter the login information for the particular server you wish to connect. When the connection is made, you can start viewing your mail from your Mac.
Note that the program is a single application, which means that the home screen appears in one window and all the accounts appear in another. You can then move from one account to the other using the taskbar, which indicates the current chat, current e-mail account and other details.
Once you finish viewing a conversation or sending a message, you are able to reply using a simple keyboard shortcut. Other features include the feature of delegating e-mail delivery to your mobile devices.
Apple Mail also makes it easy to organize your messages. Once you attach the proper labels, you can view messages in a tabular form. If you want to do

System Requirements For Recent Files:

Windows 7/8, 32-bit and 64-bit

GTR Online Hack is now officially a fully-fledged program and has now been translated into English! For those of you who are unfamiliar, GTR Online Hack is a 1-2 player RPG with addictive combat and RPG elements. It’s a platform game that’s so simple that anyone can play it! The game utilizes items such as Potions, Gnomies and other items that have unique characteristics and stats. The game has a vast variety of fields and locations from the real-world as you

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