do you want to get laid? or are you looking for the perfect, romantic partner for the long-term?“hookup sites and apps are providing a hookup culture,” says washington post columnist christine emba . “if having sex was once taboo, not having it is today.” maybe it’s about time we all got back to how things were before and consider some new ways to do it. the world is changing, so why not change with it? let’s talk about that together.

hookup sites and apps allow people to narrow down exactly what they’re looking for, and they can get to it much quicker than in the real world. as the dating world becomes more diverse in terms of race and gender, it can be harder to see who will match you as a potential long-term partner. if you are finding yourself less attracted to certain kinds of people, and you just want to get laid, a hookup site or app is definitely your best bet.

coached dates work like this: after a mutual connection has been made, a coach emails or texts the two people to encourage them to start meeting for coffee or a drink. the interactions between the coach and the person the coach is trying to pair are strictly professional, and the coach will even discreetly text the person if they are matched. there’s a limit to how many times a coach can meet with a person, and the app offers an incentive for coaches to match with new people–that person will be eligible for a free session of coaching. it has a “secret celebrity list” of coaches who would be willing to show their support via free sessions if requested, and the app can quickly connect people that work in the same industry.