Printer Fixer is a very lightweight application that was especially tailored to provide you with a means of forcing the deletion of print jobs that are stuck and impossible to remove otherwise.
You can easily deploy Printer Fixer via command line and it will do all the work automatically, without requiring any user intervention.







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Printer Fixer is a lightweight Windows utility for deleting stuck print jobs.

The utility is designed to remove the stuck job by scanning for various print jobs that are stuck on the local or network printers, it may take a lot of time to complete, you will be notified when the job is deleted.

The utility can safely delete stuck jobs from local networked printers and (remote) printers via HTTP or FTP. No direct access to the printers is needed.

Running Printer Fixer may delete those print jobs that were previously deleted.

All you need to do is:

Click Fix All button to begin the scan.
After the scan is complete, click on Fix All button to delete the stuck print jobs.
It’s that easy.

How to use Printer Fixer

Select your printer for which you want to remove the stuck print jobs, then click on Scan button.
You will be provided with information on the print jobs that are still stuck on your printers.

Then, select the Print Jobs to Fix checkbox and click on the Fix All button.
You can also uncheck Print Jobs to Fix if you want to be notified whenever the stuck print jobs are deleted.

If the stuck print jobs are being deleted by Printer Fixer, you will receive a friendly notification message.

You can now click on the Change Settings button to customize your options.

Search our database to find the print job you are looking for.

Click on the Advanced Options link to open the advanced settings.

Click on the IP address tab to change the IP address that Printer Fixer will use to scan the printers.

Check the State box to view the details of the print jobs that are stuck on your print server.

Select the last scan date if you want Printer Fixer to scan only print jobs that were scanned since the last scan.

Check the Default Action to force a job to be deleted from the server.

Click on the Disable Fixes checkbox to disable the automatic deletion of the print jobs.

Click on the Advanced Options button to change the following options:

Download a Remote and Local Scan Options from the Download Remote and Local Options button.

Click on Download Remote and Local Options button and download the remote and local options.

Check the Internet access if you want to retrieve remote options from a website.

You can also use either of the following:

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1. It can fix printer errors of any type.
2. It can fix issues related to printer driver installation.
3. It can fix stuck print jobs.
4. It can print continuous job files and reports without having to restart.
5. It can fix missing printer drivers.
6. It can uninstall and reinstall printer drivers.
7. It can delete locked print jobs in Windows Explorer.
8. It can print print jobs for large files.
9. It can print reams of paper without problems.
10. It can remove unneeded printer drivers from Windows.
11. It can print unnecessary documents.
12. It can remove incorrectly installed printer drivers.
13. It can print a continuous series of documents and reports.
14. It can fix a jammed printer.
15. It can tell when you print a file using a printer driver not found in Windows.
16. It can automatically find the correct printer driver for your printer.
17. It can print files with bad checksums.
18. It can manually print a single page from within your printer driver.
19. It can print from USB printer.
20. It can print from a network folder.
21. It can print from a UNC path.
22. It can print from a network client printer with Microsoft Print to PDF.
23. It can print from a network folder on the server.
24. It can print from a network share.
25. It can print to a network printer with a reserved name.
26. It can automatically delete temporary print jobs.
27. It can delete temporary files in Windows Explorer.
28. It can print intermittently to a printer with a static IP address.
29. It can print from an Active Directory domain printer.
30. It can update a printer driver from a group policy file.
31. It can print to a printer with a reserved port name.
32. It can print to a printer using embedded fonts in application icons.
33. It can print to a printer with a custom port name and be mapped to remote computers.
34. It can print to a printer on the same computer where it is executing.
35. It can print to a printer on a network machine.
36. It can print to a printer on a server.
37. It can print to a printer on a workstation.
38. It can print to a printer on a tape drive.

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Printer Fixer application was developed to be an extremely simple and easy-to-use tool that is specially designed to assist you with uninstalling a variety of printer drivers/firmwares/software that may be associated with a particular printer, and so that you can then proceed to force the deletion of the printer’s print jobs from the default Windows print spooler. This will allow you to delete the unwanted print jobs from the print spooler windows where they can be easily retrieved. The tool is very easy to use, and it can be deployed either by simply passing it the corresponding printer’s name and its associated spooler windows via command line, or by attaching it to the Windows task tray icon.
Printer Fixer Features:
You can use the application to force the deletion of the following:
1. Associations between printers and print spoolers.
2. Associations between printers and network printers.
3. Associations between printers and WiFi printers.
4. Associations between printers and printing jobs.
5. Associations between printers and non-print spooler jobs.
6. Associations between printers and Windows service jobs.
7. Associations between printers and the user’s profile.
8. Associations between printers and ASCII art.
9. Associations between printers and cookie files.
10. Associations between printers and SSL/TLS certificates.
11. Associations between printers and exe files.
12. Associations between printers and printers of other OSs.
13. Associations between printers and batch jobs.
14. Associations between printers and printing drivers.
15. Associations between printers and hidden printers.
16. Associations between printers and startup programs.
17. Associations between printers and removable drives.
18. Associations between printers and mounted devices.
19. Associations between printers and command-line options.
20. Associations between printers and FTP servers.

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What’s New in the?

The Printer Fixer project has been developed with the following major goals in mind:

Clean all users’ print jobs from the system immediately after they have been sent to the output device

Fix automatically any spool and print queue problems (like unreliable print job arrival or improper logging of print jobs on the output device)

If Printer Fixer crashes, it will attempt to restart itself, and it will only cease to work when everything else will be properly restarted

Printer Fixer, besides being a useful tool for resolving print job problems, is also a very small and easy-to-install application that does not require any user intervention

Windows-XP users are recommended to run Printer Fixer as a service, in order to have it automatically started at system startup.

For Windows-2000 users, Printer Fixer can be run as a standalone application (with no need to install a Windows service) and it will run very well in that mode as well.
The user can start Printer Fixer from the program menu. The windows will look as follows:

The user can start and run Printer Fixer from any Windows program menu. The windows will look as follows:

Printer Fixer includes a very powerful feature: it can even set the progress dialog to be displayed during a running print process. The following example dialog is displayed during the running of the print job:

Printer Fixer is capable of modifying and deleting any print queue files that have not been properly deleted from the print output device. When a print job is selected in the queue, it is automatically identified as a print job in progress and Printer Fixer will process it accordingly

If you have a couple of printers configured in the system, you will notice Printer Fixer seems to do much better at handling them. Here is an example showing 4 printers displayed in the printer dialog:

You can always choose a specific print queue, in order to process that particular queue or the last print job that has not yet been processed

Printer Fixer, besides giving you a means of deleting stuck print jobs, will also give you a quick and easy way to delete unsent print jobs (via the same method used by Windows for unsent mail).

The user should just select the job and click Delete. Printer Fixer will immediately delete the job and print it in your default printer. The user can always choose the target printer in order to print any print job

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8
Processor: Intel® Core i3/i5/i7
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 690 or AMD Radeon R9 M290X or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 12 GB available space
Additional Notes:
The game requires an Internet connection to play and for online leaderboards and achievements.
If your Internet connection is unstable or slows down, you may experience issues while playing.–.pdf