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PitchCraft EZ Crack With Key Free Download

PitchCraft EZ Crack Mac is the perfect tool for quickly correcting pitch on monophonic vocal and instrumental recordings. PitchCraft EZ Cracked Accounts has a simplified interface with intuitive, step-by-step navigation that makes it easy to spot mistakes and correct them in an instant. All of this from a point-and-click interface using Voice Overs, for greater convenience. Featuring pitch correction algorithms based on the MAHARAJA method, and with a choice of 3 different fixing methods, PitchCraft EZ Cracked 2022 Latest Version is highly optimized and delivers very accurate pitch correction results.
PitchCraft EZ is available in both 32-bit (Mac) and 64-bit (Windows) versions and can be purchased here
– Pitch correction (Monophonic)
– User Interface (AI)
– GrooveSound (Gigastudio) (Windows version only)
– ACID Music Studio (High Quality playback available for 64-bit).
– Patchage (Windows only)
– Sound Forge Audio Studio (mac and windows version only)
PitchCraft EZ strongly optimizes and clearly compares the pitch of two notes. When its audiotrack contains an error, PitchCraft EZ will even point it out. PitchCraft EZ quickly shows a correction. PitchCraft EZ correctly adjusts melody notes and those that are important to a song. PitchCraft EZ works quickly, is easy to use and has a standard, not an engineering, approach. The pitch correction algorithms are based on the MAHARAJA method.
PitchCraft EZ includes: (All programs included):
– Audio Track Processor
– Scales
– Equalizer
– A/B Crossfade
– Tones
– Effects
– Pitch tracking
– Audiotrack Editor
– Melody Dragger
– Pattern Editor
– Pattern Selector
– Pitch Analyzer
– Fixing Numerical and Velocity Based
– Pointer Adjusting
– Artist Tools
PitchCraft EZ is a product of our BIAS iMentor Program. It is a totally digital solution that uses the healing power of pitch. It has been developed with a high degree of realism and perceptual sensitivity to make it the most powerful pitch correction software available.
Version 1.0.3
Mac and Windows
More information:

PitchCraft EZ Crack+ [Latest 2022]

• Modify the pitch of any of your recording tracks: vocals, instruments, or any number of different audio tracks.
• Pitch correction is possible for mono files as well as stereo.
• Pitch correction can be performed by typing in pitch benders directly into the plug-in or by using the PitchCraft Scale adjustment control found in the PitchCraft EZ Window.
• Intuitive user interface allows you to easily adjust pitch bending settings while allowing you to preview the effect of your adjustments.
• Pitch correction is possible for any number of audio tracks.
• Pitch correction can be performed for mono files as well as stereo audio tracks.
• Able to operate on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Mac OS X.
• Built for PC and Mac.

Important note: PitchCraft EZ is designed as an authoring tool. You must have an existing BIAS project loaded into the BIAS Authoring

PitchCraft EZ Crack Serial Key

PitchCraft EZ simplifies the user’s effort to accurately correct pitch on monophonic vocal and instrumental recordings and adds pitch-based vocal effects, such as those used by many of today’s popular artists. PitchCraft EZ is great for removing unwanted pitch, adding pitch, and transforming pitch — regardless of the natural key of the music. The PitchCraft EZ user interface is different from other pitch modification plug-ins in that it is geared for studio use, where the need for immediacy is paramount. PitchCraft EZ’s innovations and reliability make it a standard pitch modification tool for the professional user. With PitchCraft EZ, editing for pitch modification is a cinch.
Utilizes BIAS’ patented PreSeismal control with GM (Grand Master) preset settings.
Adjusts pitch up to 1.8 cents to remove out-of-key frequency modulation, while retaining fundamental pitch.
Swapping functions between most common insert, overwrite, and re-pitch functions makes it easier to use PitchCraft EZ.
Algorithms take many samples, which allows for greater precision than most plug-ins. Automatically selects and corrects the most prevalent key, allowing the user to make vast quantities of frequency-corrected material efficiently.
Corrects pitch up to 1.8 cents, where 0.0 = no corrections, +/- 1.8 cents = small pitch shifts; +/- 3.6 cents = medium pitch shifts; and +/- 6.4 cents = large pitch shifts.
Takes into account the harmonics, formants, and inharmonic resonances, and will take the largest peak frequency to correct
unattainable pitch in the source music and record with the pitch correction applied.
Precisely controls the frequency shift range (up to +/– 1.8 cents) to reduce unnecessary errors.
Supports various

What’s New in the?

PitchCraft EZ is a premium-quality pitch correction tool, featuring 20k multi-band High, Mid and Low frequency equalizers, a high pass and low pass EQ, and additional special effects.
– Create authentic sounding pitch changes of any application
– Analyze the tone of your vocals and automatically choose the best pitch change for the best impression
– Various pitch change algorithms
– Modify one or more tracks
– View detailed files with all modifications applied
– Easy-to-use interface
– Various display options: waveform, spectral, big-endian
– Ableton Live, NI Massive and Cubase compatible
– Battery backup
– Excellent quality sound
PitchCraft EZ Support:
– 30 days money-back guarantee
– Support in installation, updates and new releases
– Technical support
– Free tutorials, support and updates
PitchCraft EZ Price:
PitchCraft EZ is a free trial version, it can be used forever, but if you are interested in purchasing it, please check our pricelist and choose the best-fit option for your needs.

PitchCraft EZ for $99.95/year

Subscription to PitchCraft EZ for $99.95/year enables high quality pitch correction, mixing and mastering of audio tracks. Main features of the PitchCraft EZ Plug-in: Analyze the tone of your vocals and automatically choose the best pitch change for the best impression, add pitch (EZ Pitch Correction), select one or more tracks for pitch modification (EZ Track Correction), view detailed files with all modifications applied (EZ Modification View), view the PitchCraft EZ analysis window (PitchCraft EZ Analysis View), additional effects (EZ Delay, EZ Effex, EZ Envelope, EZ MultiBand Equalizer, EZ Reverb), plus a 30-days money-back guarantee. Plus more.
PitchCraft EZ Pricing:
PitchCraft EZ is the premium quality version of BIAS’ popular professional-level PitchCraft plug-in. PitchCraft EZ is included in the full version of BIAS’ PitchCraft plug-ins.
PitchCraft EZ for $99.95/year is available for a one-year subscription.
All other instruments and vocals in the demo tracks are included in the free demo version. The demo version can be used as a one-month trial version.

System Requirements For PitchCraft EZ:

Xbox 360: 5.1 GHz Dual-Core Processor
DVD Burner
Wi-Fi Enabled
HDTV 1920×1080
DirectX 9
Optional Requirements:
Black Ops 2:
HDTV 720p
HDTV 1080i
Minimum Requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Video Card: 128MB Video Card
Other: Internet Connection

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