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EasyBits Support Site’s Page

Steps to Install and then Run this program:

Press Alt+Sys+R, then type “TASM.EXE”. You should see a window with a blinking cursor. The TASM is now loaded into memory. Now type “C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c CHKDSK”. This will run a disk check to ensure that your Windows installation is OK. Once the disk check has completed, press Alt+SYS+R, type “TASM.EXE”, and follow the same steps to load up the TASM.EXE. Once the TASM.EXE is loaded, type the following: “c:\vc9\bin\vcvars32.bat”. This will cause your C compiler to become active. Type “c:\aspnet\vb\vb.exe” (your TASM will auto detect this). This will cause the VB runtime to become active. Type “c:\aspnet\vb\vbtest.vbs”. This will compile a test program into memory, once it completes, execute this program.

Running vbtest.vbs:

Running the debugger:

Running the browser:

See if you can open one of the ASP page files and it will open up in the browser. If it does not, you may need to reinstall Internet Explorer.

vbtest.vbs was installed on the box with Internet Explorer, so it should be able to open the VBS pages.

vbtest.vbs only has one line of code, so there is no room for error.

This is a basic example, so there is nothing much to debug.

When you get it working, you can add error checking and more line of code.

Check out the website for more examples and help.

IF you are having trouble with one or more of the following, go to the web site and ask there:

You can run the vbtest.vbs program from a Windows command prompt window. You will need the vb9compiler.exe file that is part of Visual Studio. Type “c:\aspnet\vb\vb.exe” at the command prompt window to run the program.

This will allow you to use the Visual Basic runtime. You may be able to use a command prompt


This appears to be a bug in your version of Microsoft Edge, which is why the downloads don’t work (at least for me).
Microsoft Edge version 83.0.4 (16299.10.0.0)
Since the download doesn’t work for me, I can’t test how it’s supposed to be fixed, but try disabling the EdgeHTML::Full feature and see if that makes a difference.

United States Court of Appeals
Fifth Circuit
FOR THE FIFTH CIRCUIT November 9, 2005

Charles R. Fulbruge III

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