divorce is expensive, but it’s also a time suck. you might not realize the trouble you’re putting yourself in when you have to get an arsenal of divorce mediators, financial planners, life coaches, and divorce attorneys involved in getting the underway. realize that its going to be hard, and that the stress is going to get worse if you settle things faster, especially if its not what you want. don’t let those jackals suck your life dry for weeks or months, come up with a plan that will work for you as well as your kids, and make that plan stick. remember, when it comes to divorce, you can never tell if your choice is going to work or not.

it’s hard to imagine that there is a better and more romantic way to end a relationship than telling the other person in person. however, there are plenty of ways to do just that, and these can be brutal.

couples in long distance relationships should be thinking about what happens to all of the in-person dates, which is why it’s important to be as specific about what you’re looking for as possible. careful note-taking can go a long way to help you remember the details of where you went, what you said, and how your date ended when you re-visit the date later. whether you choose to save the details in a journal or your phone, keeping track of those details will make a big difference when you start to date again.

the best casual adult dating sites are those that keep your data safe. no one wants to be bothered by having to go to the trouble of entering their credit card information on a new dating portal. this is the main reason why sites like have gained wide popularity in the past decade. they are simple and safe to use, and you’ll find plenty of people on them willing to help you get laid.