Digital photography has advanced considerably since its genesis, more-so with the development of complex and high-performance DSLR cameras.
However, hardware devices alone will not generate good results on their own and, most of the time, one has to employ various complementary tools to generate truly great images.
MTF mapper is one such program, designed to allow its users to measure Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) values across edges in source pictures.
These images can be in virtually any format, including common JPG, BMP and PNG files, as well as RAW documents, such as NEF, CR2, PEF or ARW items.
Once a valid photo has been selected, the program automatically converts the picture to a 16-bit grayscale form; no parameters have to be defined, as the process is automated.
The tool then computes the boundary lists of all the dark objects found within the picture.
By employing advanced algorithms, the tool then calculates MTF50 values for each edge of all the rectangular objects.
The entire process is automated, a setup that ensures even newcomers will easily obtain palpable results.
Based on the analyses, various MTF charts are generated, including 3D surface graphics.
Several auxiliary tools can be employed to improve the overall experience, including rectangle and perspective chart generators.
These latter items are a great method of calibrating the autofocus functions of most DSLR devices while output rectangles can be employed for cross-calibration tasks.
Once satisfied with their project, users can generate annotated images, complete with MTF50 values, as well as profile data sets or MTF surface images.







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The program works well with virtually any type of image, whether it be a JPG, CR2, ARW, RAW or BMP.
How to use the tool:
Download the program and run the setup procedure.
The program will then automatically detect, image and convert the source image to a grayscale format.
The source file does not have to be valid, but in most cases it is.
The software will then create object lists based on the edges and, using the same algorithm, MTF values will be computed.
These are all achieved through a fully automated process, in which files can be previewed before creation.
The MTF values are automatically shown in the top right corner of the monitor and, when desired, can be exported.
The program comes with a setting menu, that allows users to perform a number of operations.
Users can perform a number of calibration tasks and employ various types of MTF charts and profiles.
The program can be employed for cross-calibration tasks, although users are encouraged to use their motherboards for calibration purposes.
Before calibrating a new motherboard, users are recommended to calibrate their previous motherboard so that the results obtained with MTF mapper are representative of real world measurements.
The software supports a number of calibration tasks, through the setting menu.
These can be utilized to perform cross-calibration or calibrate individual components.
Cross-calibration can be achieved by employing the blank image setting; by selecting and calibrating the mouse, the video display or any other device; the calibration process is automatic.
A number of profiles, including graphic profiles, can be utilized to calibrate individual components of the motherboard.
Profile types:
Graphic profiles will generate a two-dimensional graphic profile for the motherboard, through which users will calibrate their devices.
There are five types of profiles in the program, with the following names:
• Type 1: vertical profile
• Type 2: horizontal profile
• Type 3: rectangular profile
• Type 4: profile with perspective line
• Type 5: profile with perspective chart
Other features:
The program includes two tabs in its window.
The first tab contains all the various types of graphic profiles and, through the menu, can be used to enable or disable individual profiles.
The second tab contains all the various types of MTF charts and, through the menu, can be used to enable or disable

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MTF Mapper is a dedicated, easy-to-use and cross-platform Photoshop tool that allows users to measure the sharpness and detail levels of their pictures.
MTF mapper is available in two editions, free of cost and “full version”, at a price of $29.95.
The program can be downloaded for free (on Windows) from the company’s website.
MTF Mapper is a part of the MTF Mapper Suite, available as a fully compatible and cross-platform set of programing tools.
Best of all, all programs within the suite are completely free, and can be downloaded to any PC or laptop from the website.
MTF Mapper is available for Windows platform only.
MTF Mapper 4 Review:
MTF Mapper provides an outstanding graphical user interface, which makes it a breeze to use.
Once the download process has been completed, one just has to activate the program to start creating MTF charts, and the process is 100% automatic.
There is no need to define any settings, since the process of scanning a picture is now fully automated.
After the image is scanned, and a validated picture has been defined, MTF maps can be generated by clicking the “Begin” button.
MTF maps are generated using a fully automatic algorithm, which suggests their validity.
Furthermore, the software provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and explore the charts.
Once the MTF maps are complete, they can be saved on the fly.
There are four alternative ways of navigating through all the charts, including by date, kind of map, file or double-click, and automatic navigation.
There is a fine selection of chart formats, including full size maps, graphs and bar charts, along with the ability to export the data into an Excel or text file.
The tool can also save all the exported data into a.txt file.
The software also includes detailed instructions to guide newcomers.
MTF Mapper 4’s built-in automatic camera calibration tool provides for effective cross-calibration tasks.
A set of four linear axes is included on the software panel, along with a tool menu.
Among the tools included on the menu are a good range of MTF functions, including a triple MTF, while the “Basic” function allows for the users to alter the current view and navigate throughout the charts.
The software also includes an area select tool, a perspective tool

What’s New in the MTF Mapper?

MTF mapper is a program designed to give photographers a comprehensive analysis of the edges of pictures, as well as other photo-related tasks.
Available as a desktop application, the program enables analysts to produce beautiful graphics that look as authentic as they are.
It also provides various output modes, including true-to-life 8-bit and 16-bit grayscale charts, as well as rasterized pictures.
To get the best results, it is recommended that the program is run on a computer with at least a 2 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM; a standalone USB hub is also strongly recommended.
When installed, the program will install as a 32-bit portable application and it will be automatically launched at start-up.
On the taskbar, a program icon is present, as shown below.
Double clicking on the icon, the MTF mapper main window opens:
The program’s operation is also easily accessible and well-described, given the program’s innovative appearance and user-friendly interface.
To get started, select any valid file and select a preferred preview mode from the drop-down list:
Click once the select button to indicate that you are ready to start the analysis process.
On the next page, select the 16-bit grayscale preview.
If you wish to acquire a different color profile, click on the button labeled Profile:
This will open a gallery of all available profiles.
Click on the desired profile, ensure the preview mode is set to 16-bit and click the open button.
Keep an eye on the bottom of the window as the program will load the preview picture into a new virtual screen.
To start the analyzing process, click the Analyze button:
On the next page, click on the Perform button:
The analyzing process is now complete and the results are immediately visible:
From the MTF mapper window, you can now select the output format, which you will find in the bottom left corner of the image preview.
If you wish to save the image, simply click the Save button:
There are few other options on this screen, all of which can be accessed by double-clicking on the Save button:
This will open a menu which allows you to directly navigate between all available options and edit or delete the existing output products.
A serial of characters appears on the right side of the window:
These are the MTF50 values of the analyzed edges.
You can

System Requirements:

Minimum Specifications:
Operating System:
• Windows 7 / 8
• Windows XP
• Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.3 GHz or equivalent
• Intel Core i3 @ 2.3 GHz or equivalent
• Intel Core i5 @ 2.3 GHz or equivalent
• Intel Core i7 @ 2.3 GHz or equivalent
• AMD Athlon XP
• AMD Duron
• AMD Sempron
• AMD Athlon X2