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The Centre for Policing Research (CPR) recently released a report on The Use of Taser in NSW – Summary Report December 2018. This is the fourth report CPR has produced on Taser.

The latest CPR report includes important details about Taser use and provides a ‘snapshot’ of the use of Tasers across the State. The CPR has also conducted an independent study of Taser use in NSW Police. This independent study was compiled from police use of force data from over 4,800 use of force incidents involving Tasers in NSW between April 2014 to March 2016. This study provides information on Taser use in the context of police use of force incidents rather than as a standalone investigation.

Special thanks to NSW Police for permission to release this information.

The CPR compared incidents where Tasers were authorised and used in the context of:

In NSW Police operational use of force incidents, Taser was the force tool most frequently used by police from December 2014 to December 2015. The report says use of Tasers increased by 89% during the study period. However, during this time the median total force applied to a person using Taser was one (1) level two (L2) or less.

The CPR report also shows some of the circumstances where Tasers were used.

A weapon was used in a single instance (1.3%) for the purposes of self-defence.

Approximately 11% of incidents where Taser use was authorised were directed at persons in response to a verbal threat.

Approximately 40% of incidents involving Tasers were made to incapacitate a person for control.

One incident involved tasering a person more than four (4) times, including using this tool to stop the person from fighting.

For the overwhelming majority of use of force incidents, the CPR identified that the objective was to detain a person by reducing their ability to resist (65%), to control a person (67%), or to gain consent for an investigation (64%). The number of Taser incidences where this objective was

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