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Mongo Santamaria Discography Torrent

la derniere lp, the most wanted man in the world (1969) — this disc, most likely the recording by which the name mongo santamaria will be known to many of you, was recorded in the mid-sixties. i was lucky to see him perform this live in the mid 70’s and i was also lucky to see him perform this at the world famous apollo theater in harlem. i have more video of this concert than any concert i have ever seen. his band was tight and his voice was incredible. the bass player even took a break in the middle of his song and used his trumpet and played with him for a few seconds. he has the ability to tap dance and play the piano and play his trumpet like he was a one man band. he was a true master of the musical world. he could sing in the church and play in the nightclub. but the most important thing i know about mongo santamaras life and career is that he was dedicated to his religion and a great humanitarian. he would sometimes perform at childrens hospitals and hospitals and would sing in spanish, french and english. in 1969 i was hired to start a band called “mongo santamaria and the salsa happening” and we played all over new york city. i have pictures of the band, mongo, and myself at the apollo theater. the box office employee told me that there were people in line at 10:30 a.m. for the apollo to see mongo santamaria and the salsa happening and that is when i started to plan and call my friends in new york to make sure we got tickets. i have never forgotten what the apollo theater means to so many people. it has been my home for over 30 years. thank you mr. west for bringing mongo santamaras music to the world. god bless you.

tito puente: the exciting lupe sings (imperial, 1957) in case anyone had any doubts — at all — that tito could play the real, hardcore, pure afro-cuban percussion, then this album should settle that question. with mongo santamaria and several other percussion heavyweights on board, tito pounds away on some of the toughest-sounding rhythm work imaginable, starker and more traditional than his mambo swing of the ’40s and early ’50s, and shorn of all the horns and other instruments that one normally expects on a latin jazz album. the second half of the album gets funkier and more slinky, with a subtle, jazzy bass added into the mix. this is a killer instrumental album, formidable and funky in every aspect. recommended!
the second album features the well-known song of the ’50s, lechuza,’ with mongo on vocals and ad libs on the mic, and the new orleans jazz standard, la negra vereda, by the late clifford brown. it also features the well-known group rhythm of mongo with solos from bassist chet baker and pianist al haig. the music is from his days with tito puente. this is a must for all latin jazz lovers!
the third album features the afro-cuban classics, la llorona and plena y comparsa. it also features the dance favorite la maestra, as well as the ever popular, mongo santamaria, and the jazz standard, pimpinela, which has been recorded by many artists and featured on many albums. but, this is the first time you hear it from the man himself.
celia cruz, who was featured on mongo santamaria’s debut album as a background vocalist, on the first two albums and on the third, began her own solo career in the ’70s. but, it was her vocal style that had a tremendous impact on the next generation. the pure, undeniable voice, the moaned-out, smoky soul of her best-selling records, like afrocuba, no mas, and celia cuelga el arma, all had a huge impact on the soul of the entire latino music and the musical world at large. cruz’s first two albums, celia cruz, vol. i and celia cruz, vol. ii, are the real event. they are the foundation of afro cuban music today. this set features the hits she made with the trio of mongo santamaria, tito puente and bonny bonny montenegro. it also features her first hit, afro cuban classic, aya, with mongo on vocals and backup vocals by tito puente.

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