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Is there a way to avoid the.tmp/prefixes in the target that created them?

Is there a way to avoid the.tmp/prefixes that are generated by the make command in linux.


Does the path usually end in.tmp? If so, would changing the suffix to.output be more convenient?
If that’s not what you want, I believe you can prevent make from introducing.tmp in the first place by adding the following to your Makefile:
CURLS := curl-config –cflags
CURLD := curl-config –libs
CURL_TMP := curl-config –prefix

MKDIR := -mkdir
MV := -mv

all :

On the other hand, there are too many ways to screw this up, and no normal make script will necessarily get this right. It’s really just a matter of education the user.


Render partial view in another action

I am using MVC3 Razor and C#
The action add results to a view on the client (jQuery).
At the moment, the add view is being drawn using a @Html.Partial(“_addView”).
The addView view contains form and validation controls to set some parameters.
This works fine, but now I have to

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