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Buy I am also using B&H on a trial basis and have had no problems at all.
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No problem at all.
The only reason I commented on the the 8.3.1 update for the external USB 4.1 port was due to those on the Toshiba forum mentioned a problem they had encountered. They fixed it by updating the BIOS to the date of installation.
I will get a full and honest response if I have had a problem and cannot fix it myself. If, however, it is something in your hardware that I can fix myself I will go the store and buy a new unit. But as I need to get it down and running, I want to be sure that is not the problem.
I am a big fan of eBay and have sold many things including these parts. I had no problem doing the transaction or shipping. I also had no problems toting it around for shipping.
Please get back to me with your thoughts, comments, and feedback on if I need to send it elsewhere for warranty or resolution.

I would like to buy a To Encore 3CR at the very

I will also review the RAM if you want.
I have no problem if you decide not to purchase it because you have a problem with it. However, I cannot help if it is your hardware.
You simply said what the problem was.

Since I decided to put the unit in front of me and have a look at it I have not been able to get it to run. It will load the operating system but will be flashing the left side of the screen, it will not work that way.
The only thing I can think of is that the Bios needs to be updated.