hexceed – Exsupero Pack is the next chapter in the Hexceed saga. With 145 brand new levels!
Exsupero rewards you for the experimentation of its new mechanics with multiple branching paths.
Test your will and dexterity as you test your opponents in fight for the best tactics.
Hexceed with Ranged Triangle!
Work your way up through the ranks in the Adventurer League and Challenge League.
Gather all the Achtung Tokens and the achievement levels to unlock Champions!
Play each game – and unlock characters!
Countless puzzle elements make your decisions matter. Turn simple interfaces into valuable mechanical depth.
Fun and Depth – Together in a Puzzle World!
Mihai Pecar has been working on hexceed for over three years. Making a puzzle game takes hard work!
The Hexceed team would like to thank all our Kickstarter backers for making our vision a reality. You helped us to develop hexceed into a creative product that we’re really proud of.
Hexceed will be available on PS4 and Xbox One next March on Steam and on GOG.

Unlock Hexceed: Exsupero in the in-game store for $7.99.
It can be purchased on the Steam store, or on GOG for €7.99.

Praise for hexceed:
“I love Hexceed!” – Oluwaseun Oluwatosa
“Hexceed is genius!” – Mikael Magdal
“Since I’m a sucker for puzzles and hex, I’m super hyped for this game.” – Otto_Apodaca
“Hexceed is a puzzle game with a lot of flavor.” – Gamerana
About Mihai Pecar:
– Level designer
– Designer at a startup game studio called GMG (The Game Machine Group)
– Unity player and shader developer
– Co-founder of a game studio called Geek3d Games
– Project leader of Rastate Games
– Author of the Escape From Earth hack
About Hexceed:
Hexceed is a board game hybrid of epic hex-based strategy and puzzle elements. Ranging triangles are the ultimate mechanic in Hexceed. Hold your breath, and you’ll have to turn potential defeat to victory, sometimes with the help of your friends.
Exsupero is the second DLC, and the easiest to buy and play. You already have all the rules


Features Key:

  • Replayability
    • New Management Board
      • Timer
        • FMVM
          • Variant-blocker
            • Event-blocker
              • Blocker-database
                • Blocker game: Stone-Dragon – The time between the first and last solving:
                • Blocks – the number of third (permanent) blockers in a game that are left after the 6 first
                • Total – the total number of permanent blockers left
                • Blocker-count – the total number of permanent blockers left
                • Time-for-game – time until the end of the game
                • Permanent-check – blocks checked have no effect on the solution
                • Permanent-sets_in_game – number of non-checked sets left in game
                • Time-non-full-game – time until all included sets have been checked
                • Non-full-game – the number of included sets not yet checked in a game
              • Color – The total number of solved blocks
              • Solving – The number of solved permanent blocks
              • Unsolved – the number of unsolved blocks
              • White-permanent-blocks_per_position – the number of permanently white blocks in each position
              • Black-permanent-blocks_per_position – the number of permanently black blocks in each position
            • Graphic-complexity
              • White-permanent-blocks_per_position_mult – the number of permanently white blocks in each position
              • Black-permanent-blocks_per_position_mult – the number of permanently black blocks in each position
              • Complexity-count – The number of unsolvable positions
              • Complexity-depth – The depth of the solution
              • Complexity-height – The height of the solution
              • Color-


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                Sanatorium Anthropocene: Retreat is a two-player cooperative card game for up to four players. You and your friends take part in a special occasion to honor the 20th anniversary of humanity. The occasion is the discovery of the fossils of the new species of homo sapiens, known as Homo sapiens luzonensis. Take part in the first meeting between the inhabitants of Earth and these new settlers from the stars and discover the secrets of this new kind of man and his relationship with nature.


                – Two players: are you ready to take part in a great history-making adventure? It is the first meeting between the inhabits of Earth and Homo luzonensis. You and your partner play together and help to decipher the secrets of their relationship with the environment.
                – Supporting roles: You will play a series of special characters involved in the discovery of the first settlers, the end of the ice age, the extinction of the dinosaurs and several other important events. Each of these moments has its own particular significance, and you will perform different actions in each of these scenes.
                – Game dynamic: the fate of the Earth depends on you! Take part in a dangerous expedition to find out whether we can avoid the extinction of all life on the planet or not.
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                – One, two and four players: what is your preferred number of people to play this unforgettable game? You can select your partners at any moment, but it is better to play in pairs.


                – Two players: are you ready to take part in a great history-making adventure? It is the first meeting between the inhabits of Earth and Homo luzonensis. You and your partner play together and help to decipher the secrets of their relationship with the



                This small indie game has quickly become a fan favourite in our community, and we can tell why. After being in development since 2014, it is now ready to see its day in the sun. Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy one of the most exciting games of the moment.

                Space Cowboy is a unique space exploration sandbox with a low cost-to-entry. You, the player, are to be a private space pirate. Want to try to make a buck by kidnapping off other space vessels? Well, go ahead, there’s nothing stopping you. However, if you’re going to do that, you should make sure you pay for a “crew” with the goodies you have onboard your ship. You’re really just a “security contractor”, and you have no protection against pirates.

                What you’re looking for is a risky adventure where you can stretch out your investment and get to have a good time. You are looking for a life of glory and riches. First, there’s not many dangers in the galaxy that come out looking for you, and the few ships you’ll encounter are generally not worth keeping. What you are looking for is work that allows you to save up cash to buy better and better upgrades for your ship. So far you’re looking at missiles, armament, shields, armor, space drives and more.

                When you’re out there and a lot of your time is going to go into making your ship the best out there, don’t expect to run into other space vehicles, pirates, or pretty much any kind of civilization that makes you a profit. You’re really going to be out in the wild, it’s a lot of work. The price you have to pay, however, is high. Your crew is the last place you can really get a back story, but if you want to become the wealthiest man alive, you will definitely have to do what it takes.

                The game looks really good with the combination of 3d graphics and use of bright, vibrant colours. The planets and space stations are all presented in a way that is easy to see from far away, and it certainly looks like a proper space exploration game.

                It’s a very good start for a unique game, and you can tell the developer really put some time into it.

                Challenge Games are a new Finnish game developer, who seem to


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                : ゼロ%d / 読み取り中継区切り’

                libbfd_PU.extend(‘%%ST2’, ‘%-x.%%%&’) # %ST2 file
                libbfd_PU.extend(‘%%ST1’, ‘%-x.%%%&’) # %ST1 file
                Eosinophilic spongiosis and follicular maturation of the lymph nodes.
                Eosinophilic spongiosis and follicular maturation of lymph nodes (FSFL) is a new and puzzling phenomenon observed in very focal areas of cervical nodes from healthy controls as well as patients with cervical lymph node metastasis. This phenomenon has rarely been observed in neck lymph nodes and has never been seen in regional lymph nodes from the head and neck. To characterize in detail, clinical and biological features of FSFL and to clarify its incidence, detailed data of all cases with a diagnosis of FSFL in tissues, cervical node or nodule of the head and neck were collected and analyzed. We conducted a detailed search of all pathological cervical lymph nodes (all regional lymph nodes as well as lymph nodes of the head and neck) collected from 60 to 92 autopsy cases and reported FSFL according to World Health Organization (WHO) classification. Detailed data including sex, age, side, diameter, cut-surface appearance and biological characteristics, including the following: eosinophilic spongiosis, infiltrative border, pericapsular infiltration and papillary dermal thickness, were retrospectively collected from H&E sections and light microscopy sections stained with periodic acid-Schiff. The relationship between FSFL and the status of adjacent lymph nodes and neoplastic invasion was also collected. Three types of FSFL were identified: loose nodular center vs. loose nodular border vs. follicle-like structure and were termed’spongiotic-center FSFL’ (31 cases),’spongiotic-border FSFL’ (14 cases) and ‘follicle FSFL’ (5 cases), respectively, according to location and eosinophilic spongiosis. There were 27% (n = 16) of cases with both spongiotic-center and border FSFL, 31% (n = 18) with focal areas of spongiotic-border FSFL, 21% (n = 12) with both spongiotic-border and follicle-like FSFL and


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                The C&C clone, Soldato features a third-person perspective, light infantry units and the option to build and customize your own fortress as a command center (classical C&C style).
                Watch players struggle as they juggle limited resources and time to attempt military domination against the AI and other players.
                Fully destructible terrain!
                Build a castle, stock its turrets with weapons, and turn it into a command center!
                Light infantry gameplay, for a lighter, more mobile C&C experience!
                New buildings and the option to upgrade existing buildings!
                Canals, huge ports, and other strategic infrastructure!
                Conquest mode, team play, and offline play!
                Community-inspired content!
                Support for 10 languages!
                Key Game Features:
                A truly fun and addictive strategy game!
                Create an army of warriors!
                Build a fortress!
                Make strategic decisions on which units to build, and which to upgrade!
                Upgrade the land, stock up on weapons, and attack your enemies!
                Build your fortress!
                Make strategic decisions on which units to build, and which to upgrade!
                Command your fortress against your friends and enemies!
                Teamplay and Conquest mode!
                Convert the flag to the enemy’s castle!
                And lots more!
                Community Inspired:
                Developed in part by the Soldato community!
                Get In Touch!
                Stay in touch with us!
                Join the Soldato Facebook and/or Google+ communities!
                We can’t wait to meet you!
                Please send any feedback to: [email protected] Enjoy the game!
                Have fun!
                – Franco from Big Stable Games

                General Plumber 2014 is the best and popular Casual Game!
                Best Video Game, Best Graphics, Best Music and Fun Game!
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                This game is the sequel of the popular game General Plumber!
                Come to roll back the clock and help the favorite plumber Ralph to visit a variety of unforgettable fantastic, wonderful and funny plumbers!
                New Characters:
                Ralph:Hero plumber with a mighty shield
                Ginger: Rude plumber
                Santa: plumber
                Owl: friendly new character, wears a white hat
                Support System:
                We are still developing and further improving the game, so we need your support and help!
                If you like our game and find it useful,


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              Play the Two Weeks Game from start to finish through Chapter 30 without a
              loan. And remember that you will be graded by your guide on the bases that
              you named your characters and you will learn a little bit about the history of
              two characters from the Final Chapter of the game.

              After the videos & Quizzes you will be able to purchase and buy the first

              Only a limited number of places are selling the game.

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              System Requirements:

              *Windows 10
              *DirectX 11
              16bit graphics remake, ported to the Xbox One X.
              The year is 1991, and your Mother is trapped in the year 1987! A time-travelling detective must solve the mystery of her abduction, by solving the mystery of her life.
              The classic crime-solving experience, with a new look and feel for the 21st century.
              This Game is Mature
              A THRILLING mystery awaits you, as



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