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Look at this tray icon! Tells you the state of your icons, just like a coffee house barista.
This app puts up your icons in a neat little tray-like panel. Right click it and a menu appears (on right click again, you get the options mentioned above).
You can hide or show your icons, or just change the background to black and white (or gray) so you don’t miss them. You can also keep all of your icons, or just show desktop icons, (depending on what you are looking for).
When you start your screensaver, IconHider Crack For Windows will automatically start it, which is very convenient (you won’t have to remember to do so).
When you start a new program, IconHider Cracked Accounts will automatically minimize it to tray (which is useful if you are on a dual monitor setup).
I didn’t mean it to be this way, but this program can do much more than just my 3 features 🙂 It will run in the tray, and if you press F11 while running, it will start fullscreen in the tray.
This app is FREE to try out, and it includes many other features.
It is an universal installer, so you can install it on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
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Hope you enjoy it!

I finally found the time to use my PS2 today. 🙂 I want to provide a shortcut to my PS2’s media. That’s it. I thought the app might be useful to other people so I decided to share it. I tried to provide a solution to the most common problem. Would you like it? Download the app, it’ll save you a lot of work (or save you lots of work so you can play your PS2)!
Menu icon or Copy/Paste icon:
If you click one of them, the app will start in the tray mode, so you can access all your media instantly without closing the app. The icon in the tray will tell you what mode the app is in. (ON, OFF, TRY TO READ, TRY TO WRITE, etc)
My favorites:
The PS2’s media organization folder:
Always need to open the media organizer? Use the PS2 folder as the search option! PS2 media will be displayed in a tree view with the file and directory structure.
I hope

IconHider Crack Keygen Full Version Free Download For PC

IconHider is a simple desktop icon tray program. It allows you to Hide or Show your Desktop Icons, Start your ScreenSaver immediately, without rebooting.
How to use:
1. Copy IconHider to your desktop (as administrator).
2. Start IconHider (by clicking on the icon in the tray).
3. A new IconHider window will open, showing your desktop icons.
4. If you want to start your ScreenSaver, right-click the icon in the tray.
5. If you want to hide your icons and start your ScreenSaver now,
right-click the icon in the tray.
6. If you want to close IconHider, click the icon in the tray, once.
7. Enjoy! 😉
IconHider V0.8
* Includes an option to “Customize tray icons”.
* Including an option to hide the icons on the desktop.
* Vary the height and width of the desktop icons as you like.
* F5 to stop/start the screen saver.
* Click the icon in the tray once to close the program.
IconHider on GitHub:
[IconHider, IconHider_Source_Code, IconHider_Hacked_Languages_Source_Code, IconHider_V0.8_Source_Code] Check out the GitHub and watch this awesome project evolve! 🙂
1.1.3 – 03/06/2012 – Fixed a crash when the program is minimized.
1.1.2 – 02/04/2012 – Fixed an “Access Violation” error in Chinese and Korean languages.
1.1.1 – 12/02/2011 – Fixed a hang problem in Vista when clicking on tray icon.
1.1 – 11/10/2011 – Added initial support for Aero on Windows 7.
1.0 – 11/10/2011 – Initial release.
How to Submit Feedback:
Mail your comments to
We will review your comment and fix the bug or issue you reported.
And thanks for downloading IconHider!!
iTunes Store:

IconHider Free License Key

“IconHider” is a small, simple, and fast desktop organizer. You can use it to hide all your desktop icons, and start your screensaver immediately. You can also use it to minimize all windows, and show the tray icon. You can also assign keyboard shortcuts for:
CTL-ALT-H = hide desktop icons.
CTL-ALT-S = show desktop icons.
CTL-ALT-D = minimize all windows.
CTL-ALT-T = toggle desktop icons.
CTL-ALT-M = start screensaver.
Example usage:
CTL-ALT-H = maximize window (Use CTRL+ALT+M)
CTL-ALT-S = minimize window (Use CTRL+ALT+D)
CTL-ALT-D = toggle all visible windows (Use CTRL+ALT+T)
CTL-ALT-M = Start screensaver (Use CTRL+ALT+S)
Of course, this can also be done via keyboard shortcuts. 🙂
General Notes:
“IconHider” works best on a desktop with one icon. If you have a cluttered desktop, you may experience the tray icon briefly popping up and down. Simply close this window to get rid of this “Visual tease.” This also happens when you first launch “IconHider.”
“IconHider” was designed to run on Windows XP. If you’re using an earlier version of Windows, like Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows NT, the tray icon may not look right when you first run it. If you see a small tray icon with a triangle, it means “IconHider” is not set to run as a system tray application.
“IconHider” uses Windows XP’s “Run” command to start and stop “IconHider.” For Windows 2000 and earlier: If you are using Windows 2000 or earlier, you will have to set “IconHider” to run as a system tray application. Open the tray icon’s properties, and change the Startup Type to “System Tray Application.”
This tray program can be made to run silently when closed. Simply close “IconHider.” You can then minimize it to “tray” (make it appear like the Windows “App Desktop”).
This program was designed for Windows XP, and works best if you have your desktop set up with one icon.
Compatibility note: While it’s best to only use

What’s New In?

“IconHider” is a tool to help increase your productivity by hiding or showing your desktop icons, as well as start up/shut down your computer screensaver (by opening the screensaver page in your screensaver tray). “IconHider” can also hide/show your icons by right-clicking on the system tray icon, and it will work on other apps that support the system tray.
What else can “IconHider” do? Why not read the tutorial to find out… 🙂
“IconHider” is also intended to give a bit more visual productivity to help you save time… “IconHider” may help you take more advantage of your programs and menus by allowing you to hide the menus when you’re not looking at it.
The following icon programs have been tested and shown to work with “IconHider”:
Computer Janitor (free),
and also WinAmp’s AutoPlay and Update tray control features.
If you want to try it, just download the executable file from the following link:

Executable File (version 2):

If you have any questions, please contact me through my blog ( or email (mynylse(at)

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System Requirements For IconHider:

For Windows 7/8
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For Windows XP
For Mac OS X
(Official Website)
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