Cossacks! Bulgars! Cossacks! Cossacks! Finally, after all this time, the Cossacks have joined the ranks of battlefields. After a bloody defeat on a war torn battlefield, High Command are in need of elite military officers to keep the war-bonds strong.
Gather your lads and order hails of devastating musket volley fire!
Lead your soldiers to the frontline with the Cossacks at High Command.
In the war-packed High Command DLC, you will find a wealth of dangerous missions against enemy forces. From the rolling plains of Russia to the forests of Poland, from the rocky steppes of the Ukraine to the sweltering swamps of the Caucasus, let them fight across the Cossack lands, and lead them into Hell as you will.Maternity phototutorial

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Features Key:

  • A turn based 5 vs 5 strategic, tactical military based game
  • A set of unique pinata style eggs containing toons and some prizes in each egg
  • Huge strategies of high command trouble to poor nations who thought they were on top of the world
  • The world to change
  • Multiple nations to play over 23 years of history
  • Missions of peace, war, and kingdoms
  • Primeval monsters to crush


Holdfast: Nations At War – High Command Crack + Free Download PC/Windows (Latest)

Holdfast: Nations at War is an online renaissance multiplayer strategy game revolving around the fictional backdrop of Europe in 1798. Your command of one of the 18 playable nations as either a Fought-Glorious General or an Insane Monster General to use military force to achieve political objectives. To secure your nation’s future, you must gather political allies, raise armies, and secure allies with diplomatic tact in the event of a diplomatic incident. Wage war in six different modes to form factions and battle for and against rival factions in the most epic of real-time strategy battles.
Holdfast: Nations at War features over 23 playable nations, each with their own unique gameplay style and objectives. Uniting the continent of Europe into one large state is required to keep the madness of war from infesting every corner of the continent. All of the events of the real world of the 1790s is recreated in Holdfast: Nations at War, making it a truly fascinating vision of the coming age of the world.
Holdfast: Nations at War is the first in a new line of historical strategy games from the esteemed company of Slitherine!

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Holdfast: Nations At War – High Command Crack + Free Download

British Isles Holding Fast: Nations At War Gameplay Overview
[b]About This Game:
Holdfast: Nations At War is a in-depth attempt at recreating the challenges of wartime life back in the day, with all the dangers that come with being exposed to the elements and the unforgiving elements of war.The British Isles will come together to plot the downfall of the Emperor, launching their full might against the oncoming enemy host while they are still in the holding of a naval power. A proud people and a great nation, albeit a nation under pressure and struggle, the British Isles need a firm hand and a leader who understands the weight of their struggle.The military class of Holdfast: Nations At War is the Infantry, which includes the standard line infantry as well as the 3 specialist roles: Musketeers, Skirmishers and Light Infantry. All are supported by a full array of artillery pieces able to bring down the charge from the sky, and in the Great War, even the deadly new artillery mobile guns proved a decisive element in the outcome of many battles.Holdfast: Nations At War is a unique game, this not only because the game takes place during the Great War but also because it is authored by World War 2 veteran Jeff Spring.
[b]System Requirements:
Holdfast: Nations At War game computer requirements include a single-core or multi-core processor (Intel x86), an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 graphics card with 128 MB of dedicated video RAM, at least 7 GB of RAM, a DirectX 11 graphics card and a DVD-ROM drive that can read DVD-9 or dual-layer DVD-9 disc. Holdfast: Nations At War minimum system requirements are a dual-core or quad-core processor, an ATI/AMD HD 4870 or greater graphics card with 128 MB of dedicated video RAM, at least 4 GB of RAM, a DVD-ROM drive that can read DVD-9 or dual-layer DVD-9 disc.All of these games systems are fully playable on system requirements and easy to find with any modern PC.
[b]Bonus Content:
This release will include two bonus chapters: the British Isles USA Agent and the British Isles Crimean War bonus content.
[b]Gameplay Features:
• Play a variety of battlefield professions and create specialised units.
• Play as the British Isles or any combination of British Isles factions from Standalone game
• Play Command to control the battlefield
• Fight a variety of enemies and enemies in full 3D


What’s new in Holdfast: Nations At War – High Command:


Posted by HammerShift on January 24, 2010 · Comments Off on Holdfast: Nations At War – High Command Evolved

High Command is the successor of the classic Holdfast series, the first of which was published by Egmont, a division of Collins, back in the 1960s. In recent years it has also published novels written by Chris Bunch, Graham McNeill, Ian Corlett and John Riccard.

High Command illustrates the difference between a historical and a fantasy setting. This is as true of the Armour series – released several years ago – as of any of the earlier series, where the setting is medieval Britain. And for Chris Bunch’s novels in high command the difference is even more marked. This is because it is not intended to set part of a newly discovered subterranean repository of magic but to set part of an ancient tradition – Druidism – which has been rediscovered for the modern age.

High Command: Nations At War – High Command Evolved is a return to the very detailed settings and characters of the original series. The planet Holdfast is still a thinly populated outpost of human civilization, wedged between the black suns of Hellas and Asgardia. It has suffered ancient upheavals, the consequences of which have left it culturally confused and dangerous; but it has also deciphered its history and developed a complex society that revives the political machinery and traditions of Imperial Rome. The holdfast military system is still based around the then-famous Legion Centuria – of which only nine survive now.

Each novel takes up either one of this group of Legions as the main focus. The situation is still very much dominated by the Legiones Barbatiorum. The other legions are not in the protagonist’s army – or only in support – but the faction in power, the Socia, hold a constitutional vote on who leads the Legio Centuria. This is a national election, although the latter is delayed when the garrison commander is injured.

High Command is populated by a varied cast of interesting characters. The portrayal of the social struggle, the politics and pettiness of Rome’s role in the wider world, the foresight of the only Roman survivor, who is a cunning secret agent.

High Command: Nations At War – High Command Evolved (ISBN 0-330-40385-7) is available from Amazon:


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