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What Are the Steps to Prepare a Battery for Service?

I am getting ready to start work on my first automotive project, and I need to prepare a couple of lithium-ion batteries for use on a circuit board. I had planned on wrapping the battery in electrical tape to keep the shorts under wraps.
As a side note, I am wondering if metal tape is better than plastic tape. Perhaps the metal tape has better heat-dissipation properties. If that’s the case, how should I wrap the battery?
If anyone has any thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it.


I’ve never had a problem with wrapping the battery in tape. Use electrical tape (thermally activated), don’t use paper tape (thermally activated). The trick is to use a good pattern which doesn’t leave gaps that conduct to the outside.
If you want to be fancy and make sure the battery stays isolated from dirt: wrap it in aluminium foil, which doesn’t conduct, and then a thin layer of plastic, which does. If you want to be “green” you might get away with using silicon grease instead.
I think I’d go for a more expensive battery all the same, but that’s just me.


This article describes the general process:

specifically in automotive:

Cochlear implantation in hearing impaired children.
Cochlear implants have radically changed the lives of children with severe to profound hearing loss. Four generations of hardware have been designed and many children have been deaf for most of their lives. Over the last two decades there has been extensive research into