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Everything is going fine, but now I want the data to be restored to a new drive on my hard drive:
This is the hard drive I want to use for the new drive: D:
This is the new drive I want to use for the data on the hard drive: E:
This is the data I want to move: C:
This is the software I want to use: GetDataBack
How do I tell the software to take the data on D: and put it on E:?


You should install GetDataBack somewhere like the desktop, then insert your microSD card in your android device. Open GetDataBack, you will see your microSD card, and install the downloaded file that you have.
As a reminder, you need to format the microSD card as FAT32 for it to work with GetDataBack.
So on your microSD card, insert it in your android device, then go to GetDataBack, it will find your SD card and you can select the path of your microSD card, and choose the folder where you want to have the data. Then you can click on the restore button. After that, you will see the data has been recovered and it will be in the folder you have chosen.
Hope this helps.


NTFS and FAT cannot be recovered from memory card that is not formatted to one of these filesystems (e.g., FAT32). Use Windows 10 Device Recovery Program (DPT) to restore.

Download and install DPT.
If DPT finds problems on your device, it will display a message indicating the problem. You need to boot into Recovery mode and select Restore Device.

Remove and reformat the memory card using FAT32.


Fiber joint with epoxy and not with water

After installation of a ceiling fan in a (partially) dry basement I accidentally saw a fiber joint between two rafters.
After I tightened the joint with foam, I filled the gap with wood glue and water, leaving it over night.
The joint was leak free and water was now flowing through.
I found this article on interlocking wood joints and thought to use to same trick.
Would this be a legit and safe way to repair a wooden joint? Or will it be harmful to the joint long-term?


I’ve done something similar to what

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Getdataback for NTFS is an effective application for recovering data from the FAT and NTFS partitions. It is the best software for the mentioned.

The link below is a free version of Getdataback with a limited functionality (it can only recover files and not all the data from the partition).Q:

How do I use the new iOS 7 Collection View Cell?

I’m trying to move away from using subviews to display separate views into cells, to use a collection view. The problem is that I’m seeing some inconsistencies in how the new collection view cells are displayed between iOS 6 and iOS 7.
If you want to see what I mean here is a really bad example of my problem:
The first cell shows a view like this:
UIView *backgroundCell = [self setupCell:@”Background Cell”];

This works on iOS 6 just fine, but on iOS 7 the cell size goes from 320×92 to 375×92.
I have tested this on three different devices, an iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPod touch 5.
Anyone have any clue what’s going on? I have compared the auto layout attributes and all they look the same between the iOS 6 and iOS 7 for this cell.
UPDATE: I think I have discovered what’s happening. I added a table view controller with a collection view inside of a view controller. This view controller contains a table view and a collection view which both contain custom cells.
When the app loads, the table and collection view cells go white in iOS 7. If I add the code to fade the view in, then the view renders correctly.
The reason for this is that the white background on the cell is causing the view to change it’s size from 320×92 to 375×92. However, when the view renders in iOS 7 it needs to be 320×92 because the table view has only 320px of width to fit it’s content.
If anyone has any idea of how I can fix this, then I’ll upvote you for your help.


I had the same problem. I’m not sure if your problem is different, but I also found after I used the default UICollectionViewCell class and not a subclass, that in iOS 7, when I did a setFrame, the frame of the cell was already 375×92 pixels. I wonder

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