that doesn’t mean you can put up with outrageous wait times or too many people trying to sellyou on service you don’t want to use. if that’s the case, tinder is a no-brainer. however, if you’re willing to put up with a small wait time and make some effort to add people you think are cute, you might find something special.

i think the best hookup app/site right now is sext, which pairs people together based on text. only the people who sign up take part in the sexting. it’s crazy how even those people who only do it anonymously still want to connect with others who view them as cute and attractive, even though they don’t have to share their real-life identities.

the best hookup apps cater to just about every personality type. some people want to date people they know well, while others want to see who they might click with once they’ve gotten to know them a bit better. some people like to have flings and others just want to find a partner who complements their interests and lifestyle. whether you’re looking for dating or no strings attached, tinder, okcupid, grindr, sexting, bumble, sexxy, scruff, and grouper are great options to find your perfect match.

in an era of paid dating sites, the venerable sixdegrees , which offers free online dating, is proving to be surprisingly difficult to find anywhere but on the official site. the basic package is still the way to go if you’re ready to start seeing if there are any fish in the pond — six degrees is a great way to do that and get the community updates as you move along.

if you’re looking to move to the next level and meet up with an awesome friend, why not go with appheadline ? first off, it’s 100 percent free to use, and you can look up friends of friends (some people even find love!) using social media networks like facebook and linkedin.