FIFA’s various career modes will have a little extra juice too, with a new “Matchday” mode allowing players to manage their own club from the first minute of a new match. This mode is more about training, but also features an in-depth tactical overview.

FIFA 20 had a number of interesting features that were never properly explained or even mentioned in the game, but now things are starting to get explained a bit more. For example, there will be new career modes, new challenges and improvements to existing modes, and a new goal line shooting mechanic that attempts to make it more realistic.

“I wanted the ball to still move like a little cloud,” [EA Sports producer Sean] “Wes” Morris told me. “That’s the best way to describe it. If you look at how players move, the ball moves like a little cloud.” The idea is that the ball’s movements will also matter more to players’ perception of a match’s outcome.

Morris also wanted to bring realism to the offside line, which was a major issue in FIFA 19’s FM mode. When a team abandons the ball, there’s still a possibility that the opposition will attack that space, but that’s something that his team has been trying to iron out.

“As players retreat, as they’re running away from the ball, they’re even less likely to be over the offside line,” he said.

The video below is a sneak peek at what’s next for FIFA, and it’s a good one. It shows off how much has been done to improve the underlying game itself. The next big feature that’s coming this year is the ability to make a player the main striker, using a new tool that will allow players to develop their own attack. For example, a new technique could be a one-two with a player behind the striker.

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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits.
  • Player numbers have been adjusted to improve gameplay
  • New control scheme is exclusive to the Xbox One family of devices, including Project Scorpio
  • PC players will continue to run in a window using PS3 Eyefinity 6 technology
  • Improved ball physics resulting in more realistic handling
  • Visuals, sounds and animations have been updated to deliver a more impressive experience
  • Improved artificial intelligence and Physics to help make the best decisions on the pitch
  • New Tackling AI – Full 360 degree tackling capabilities
  • Enabling Manager Traits for experienced managers


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FIFA Online

FIFA Ultimate Team

The Journey to Triumph


New Seasons and

Additional Leagues



Combination of Playing ‘The Journey’ and ‘The International’.

The Journey to Triumph

“Suicide Season”

EA SPORTS FIFA 20 The Journey to Triumph (V1) Introduced on April 26, 2019. The Journey to Triumph marks the FIFA 20 story year, where the universe has gone through several changes and therefore requires new strategies to raise your player on the way to win the FIFA Ultimate Team Cup. New features include All-Star Team, The Journey, The International, special edition Packs, etc.


·Players can earn up to 10x Platinum, 150,000 All-Stars, 10x Youth Gold, 10x Youth Silver, 30x All-Stars, 30x Youth Silver, and 10x All-Stars for a single match in the FIFA 20 Invitational.

·Different color All-Stars: Blue, Green, Orange, Red and White

·Special edition Packs

·Choose All-Stars mode or single-player mode

·Story mode: 5-minutes and 10-minutes story

·Missions: 50 and 100.

·Players can choose to play with or against the All-Stars Team (like FIFA 99)

·Challenges and Mission are available on all difficulty

·Match performance will determine the difficulty of the match


·Online FUT trading is disabled. FIFA 20 will be a single player only offline experience.

·Players are no longer eligible to win those who have already won those products in previous editions.

·Only Purchased items that players have not yet purchased are available to change from EA.

New Seasons

New to FIFA 20: Team of the Week

New to FIFA 20: “Play as your favorite team”. Select a team of the week team for up to three to play per match.

My Team:

Create and save your own team and use it with your favorite players.

Season Starts:

Team for the Week: First Time ONLY!

Next Time: Fixed in FIFA 21

*Returning in FIFA 21


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FIFA Ultimate Team, the largest single-player mode in the history of the series, gives you complete control over the player that suits your individual style of play. Build your dream squad by purchasing all manner of stars like Messi, Zidane, or Ronaldo. Add a new level of strategy by customizing your formation, formation style, and team roles for advanced tactics and competitive challenges.

Control Freestyle – Get a real feel for how to play FIFA 22 by practicing moves and tricks using the new Control Freestyle.

Online Seasons – Play a whole season in FIFA Ultimate Team and gain experience as you rise through the leagues.

Create a Career – Whether you want to make it big as a Manager or play it cool as a Pro, the most immersive career mode ever offers new and exciting ways to move up through the ranks.

Player Careers –
Follow a Pro’s journey through the game, as he goes from amateurs to legends. Observe the world of soccer through the eyes of 24 high-caliber footballers and see what they really look like before revealing their unique skills in-game.

Introduction of the 5 New Features

New Ways to Play and Accomplish:

Introducing the new in-depth and strategic way to play FIFA 22.

3 new modes:

Career – Create your own club, design your own kits, style your stadium, and live out your ultimate soccer fantasies.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Tap into the Ultimate power of FIFA to take your dreams and make them reality.

Videos of the New Features

Videos of the New Features




Introducing the revolutionary new features, modes, and gameplay, as well as an experience that gives players more ways than ever before to interact and experience soccer in new and exciting ways.

An all-new intelligence engine and physics engine helps bring the the game’s players and the world of football alive. FIFA 22 improves ball control, ball dribbling, ball stopping, player runs and much more.

The VIX Engine advances physically accurate AI. It includes sophisticated Artificial Intelligence including individual player personalities and techniques, ball-playing and ball-skating AI, and a number of new game-changing actions for defensive and attacking players.

FIFA 22 is equipped with all the latest FIFA features and a number of new additions.

Improved Training – Practice passes, slides,


What’s new in Fifa 22:


    • Superstar Player – Shaun Derry
    • Junior Player – Andrés Iniesta Jr.
    • Second Back Player – Antoine Griezmann
    • Spare Striker – Cedric
    • Fast Striker – Wesley Sneijder
    • Dragonslayer – Mauro Camoranesi
    • Doctor – Oscar
    • Regulator – Casemiro
    • Bender – Dwayne De Rosario
    • Air – Neymar Jr.
    • Dragon – Lucas Moura
    • The Explosive – Fred and Pierre Utillo
    • Hand of God – Ibrahima Sonko
    • Go! – Kevin-Prince Boateng
    • Demolition – Christian Wilhelmsson