A fantasy RPG set in a rich mythology, Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen is a game that cultivates your own character growth by increasing your strength. Here, you will have the chance to connect with new people in an exciting battlefield!

Elden Ring Crack Free Download draws inspiration from the legend of the golden dragon’s gold, the fabled Elden Ring Crack Free Download, which is said to be hidden in the ancient world. The ‘Ring’ became the insignia of the powerful and fearsome Dragon Kings, and was one of the most desired treasures.
An age of prosperity passed, and in the lands of the living, forgotten or unknown to the living world, the dragons vanished. But the bond of Elden Ring with the legendary Dragon Kings remained as a legend in its own right. Now, in the modern day, the world of Nautilus is in crisis as a result of the dragon’s disappearance. As the guardian of that world, the sword of balance should have been able to revive the dragon. But somehow, the fate of the world is tied with the destiny of the legendary sword. And the story of the Dragon Kings unfolds.
Traversing the haunted world of Nautilus and discovering its mysteries is a journey for you to experience the spirit of the Lands Between, filled with the legend of the Dragon Kings.



Windows 10


8GB minimum


8GB minimum


8th Generation (i3)










The Dragon Kings – the fierce dragon riders of ancient times – dominated the land of Nautilus in ancient times. They used their unique powers to make the world prosper, and brought riches to their people. The fabled Elden Ring that they had received from the dragon was sacred to them. It was a symbol of their power, and one of the most coveted treasures in the world.

The decline of the dragon riders was truly unfortunate. But the ending of the Elden Ring’s story has yet to be written.



In a moment, you will be able to witness the birth of the


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An Epic Dungeon, Tolby’s Realm
  • Lands Between: Explore a Game World Built on EOS and MPTG
  • NEW! Advanced Battle System
  • GREAT UI Plus
  • A Multiplayer System Supporting Multiplayer and Online Play with Friends


    Music Makers Combine with Game Maker

     The MMO Action RPG that Born From the Back of Game Maker


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    Athena Nivea from

    A game that seems to be the most consistently enjoyable RPG I’ve played in a while.


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    Unlock other skills with Stone and Stars


    All the characters have a level, which is indicated by their head.

    Characters can be freely changed in the hub map.

    You can use Stones and Stars to unlock special skills.

    You need Stone for manual skill and Stars for them to automatically unlock.

    For characters with the Thief Skill, you can use the skill by pressing the skill button once.

    You can skip the stage and move to the next one if you fail a battle against enemies in a level.


    Stone can be used to unlock a special skill of each character. You can use the stones to obtain special skills (Manual Skill), which automatically unlock when certain conditions are met.

    When using Stones, a number indicating how much Stone is needed to unlock the special skill is displayed on the left part of the interface, and the character selected in the Top right corner.

    You can use Stones to unlock special skills for each character.

    When using Stones, a number indicating how much Stone is needed to unlock the special skill is displayed on the left part of the interface, and the character selected in the Top right corner.

    The number of Stones needed to unlock the skill will change depending on the skill.


    Stars can be used to unlock special skills. You can use the stars to obtain special skills (Automatic Skill), which automatically unlock when certain conditions are met.

    When using Stars, a number indicating how much stars is needed to unlock the special skill is displayed on the left part of the interface.

    When you use Stars, a number indicating how many stars is needed to unlock the special skill is displayed on the left part of the interface.

    Use Stars for Automatic skills.


    The Elden is a Sword made from the hand of God, the Creator, and it is this sword which gave the people the power of life. With the help of the Elden Ring, the Elves ruled over the world for centuries, and after the fall of the Elden Ring, the Elves became extinct, and the world was left to its fate. The world was at the brink of a crisis, and the Gods left their own existence to save the world.

    The Elves had received the power of life from the Creator, and they tried to hunt down the Elves in secret to obtain their power. As a result, they made a covenant


    What’s new:

    Go Forth, Brave Hero. Both the journey and the battle will test your virtue!

    Wound up, the book says click, just click

    link for iOS

    Android Link:

    Kids of Nioh


    Free Elden Ring Crack Keygen

    Additional resources

    How to play?

    In the title screen, you will see a combination of the following information: “Re-Issue (VR) ¥14.99” and “Genre: Fantasy” (Re-Issue is a title for a re-issue of products that have been released before.)
    A box of screenshots of this game.


    1. Explanation
    The configuration of the item sets the number of times you can evolve your equipment.
    Evolution can increase physical properties of the equipment. The higher the item level, the more properties and stats will be increased.
    The rank of properties and stats that can be improved.
    Level up your equipment to improve the properties and stats by increasing the evolution amount.

    2. Hit Points (HP)
    As the number of HP decreases, the attack damage decreases as well.
    If you reduce the amount of HP to below 1, your equipment disappears and the attack you use will be the strongest.
    Restoring the HP will restore it.

    3. For a short time, you will be unable to use your equipment. When the time expires, you will be able to use it again.
    The “immunity” period is different for each item. Check the configuration of the item.

    4. Quick Action (QA)
    When you are in the middle of attacking or defending, you can perform an action. QA will be done regardless of the attack status or guard status.

    5. Notification Box (Nbx)
    You can receive notifications from your party and guild members. To see these notifications, you can check Nbx at the bottom of your screen.

    6. Level Increase (Lv. Increase)
    The amount of experience required for level up can be set separately for each level.

    7. Status of a Gear (Sgx)
    If you acquire a special gear with a lot of materials at the same time, the acquisition icon will be displayed.

    8. Description (Desc.)

    9. Top-Notch item (Tnx)
    You will receive the item when you hit the target number of hits in an action.

    10. Assist symbol (Ass. Symb.)
    11. Skill (Sk)

    12. You can fill up your Skill gauge by using Skill. A Skill gauge is completely filled after you use an Skill for a certain number of times.
    Skill can


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Remove GameCrazy Copyright watermark from the full game via the uninstall function
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    System Requirements:

    • 32 GB RAM recommended
    • 16 GB RAM recommended for the NVIDIA Tegra K1 with CUDA support
    • 8 GB RAM recommended for the NVIDIA Tegra K1 without CUDA support
    • 2 GB RAM recommended for the NVIDIA Tegra K1 with GPU Accelerated OpenCL support
    • 2 GB RAM recommended for the NVIDIA Tegra K1 with OpenCL support
    • 512 MB RAM recommended for Tegra 2
    • Dual core CPU (1 GHz minimum) with ARMv6 CPU instruction


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