The Elden Ring is the Lord of the Lands Between and the ruler of the Eris Horizon Continent. As an official Lord, it is your duty to protect the Elden Ring and its people. The purpose of the Lands Between is to send out the citizens who can best protect the Elden Ring and its people.

To create an independent kingdom, over the Lands Between, your character will be given the ability to transform into a powerful Arisen Lord.

The best of the best: Become a powerful and prestigious Arisen Lord who wields tremendous power.

The Arisen Lords of the Lands Between have the power to fight evil, take action, and are able to train the citizens of the Lands Between and lead the Lands Between to a bright future.

In-Game: Arisen Lord, Greyrider, Lord

Online: PVP, Server



About The Land Between the Waves – Mobile Edition


1. Visit the official website


2. Sign in to your EXISTING account!


3. Purchase in-game content

4. Change your password and select your registered email address

5. Enter your email address to verify your email address!


6. Click ‘Next’ to enter the second chance menu and enter your newly created second chance email address.

7. Click ‘Next’ to enter your second chance password

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● If you are using Steam, please sign in with your newly registered email.

● Make sure that all purchases are cleared up to you in your Steam client.

● If any purchased content in your Steam account is missing, it is generally because you did not follow the next steps.

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Features Key:

  • Large world and deep dungeon navigation.
  • A combination of the most typical RPG and action game features.
  • A high-level playable character can be developed according to your play style.
  • Open world, where you can freely visit the expansive world and occupy vast quantities of land.
  • Horizontal dungeons full of traps, monsters, and other players.
  • Great graphics and high sound quality.
  • A dynamic, dynamic-dynamic system.

    Other features

    • High-level playable character.
    • Great graphics and high sound quality.
    • Region information on a map.
    • Playable continent maps.
    • Regions that are filled with wealth.
    • Region information on a map.
    • An expansive world.
    • Population thievery.
    • Neverending Dungeon.
    • Standalone Central._
    • Mini-Macro Dungeon.
    • A wide variety of creatures.
    • Player vs Monster, PvP, Monster/Town Siege.
    • Melee Weapons and Magic Fragments.
    • Elden Ring.
    • A huge variety of traps & monsters.
    • A mysterious character will visit this world on occasion.
    • In this world, no one knows the nature of the disease. 

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      • “The Tarnished is an intense and varied online fantasy action RPG that is overflowing with fun. The combination of the beautiful art design and the exquisite music make this game a must-play!”

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      • Published by Atlus

      • Plays on PlayStation 4 (one player recommended)

      • OS: PlayStation 4

      • Release: 2020-05-01

      “Tarnished: The Elden Ring is a direct sequel to the Omega Force JRPG, Omega Force’s works are known for their high-quality ‘feel’ to them, so it’s all the more disappointing that The Elden Ring series loses a bit of that feel in transition. It’s a JRPG from the 15th century that’s tough but tolerable, but it’s also one that doesn’t match the expectations that JRPG fans might have when they first see the character models and the architecture.”

      – RPG Site


      Elden Ring [Latest 2022]

      1-2 Players

      45-60 Minutes

      PC PlayStation 3 Xbox One version

      iOS version

      PC PlayStation 4 Xbox One version

      iOS version


      A Story Born from a Myth

      In a multilayered story told in fragments, an otherworldly encounter leaves an elder prince and princess, along with their five friends, deep in the Lands Between. They walk through the desolate landscape and dangerous dungeons of a desolate land, continuing their journey with the will to search for answers. However, they must make a choice that influences each character’s future.

      Fascinating Game Mechanics

      Crafting System

      Crafting System

      Your character uses their abilities to enhance their equipment.

      Equip and remove items to create equipment that varies from an axe to a magic wand.

      You can evolve items to increase their level.



      The Tales of Ardon in the Lands Between are already written in an epic novel.

      By gaining EXP, you can learn more about the story and expand your choices.

      As you gain EXP and level up, you can learn skills, inventory skills, and craft items.

      It is easy to browse the stories of the characters that have come before, find out the true paths of the characters who you have met in the past, and create your own adventures.

      Continuing to Play After the End

      The End of the Beginning

      The Beginning of the End

      You can continue to play even after the game ends. The above choices are the choices of the new main character.

      End of the Beginning

      The Overlord Ardon decides to leave Ardon’s Empire as the ruler of the Lands Between.

      As the new ruler, you have the choice of joining the factions of the three Chosen Ones and becoming an enemy of all, or choosing to follow the traditions and beliefs of the other factions.

      Ardon’s Empire has fallen, and the Empire that exists in the Lands Between is completely different from the one Ardon has seen.

      The Empress’s Darkness

      The Domination of the Empress

      The Empress rules from the depths of her castle.

      The misery of the bound souls who live in the dungeon and the lack of men are acts of rebellion directed at the heart of the Empress.

      The Dragon’s Blood

      The Evil Power of the Dragon


      What’s new:

      If you are new to Final Fantasy or the Final Fantasy franchise, don’t worry. In addition to the original story, you will also encounter maps and a variety of items that will help you advance your journey.
      We’ve even paid special attention to making the games user-friendly.

      ★ Rich Story

      Finally, we are pleased to let you know our plan to tell a story more rich and diverse than ever before. Sure, the focus is on dialogue and characters, but don’t think that this is the only field in which we have plans to increase the depth of the story.

      As such, we are also actively investigating the idea of related scenes to be included in the dialogue.

      For example, in Final Fantasy XV, when Noctis and Gladiolus are talking about the royal wedding, the scene in which Aldrynte informs the visitors about the fact that the wedding has been postponed is included in the dialogue. However, that scene wasn’t meant as a part of the main story line, but as a subplot that shows that the circumstances are not easy for the people involved.

      With Final Fantasy XV, we were able to closely integrate the various scenes that we added into the dialogue part of the story. Though Final Fantasy XV was unusual in that way, the various possibilities that the Final Fantasy series offers are limitless. By setting our sights on the idea of a story rich in diverse elements, we’ve placed the spotlight on the special feeling that Final Fantasy games have.

      After all, the more varied and rich the story, the more glorious the adventure will be.

      The story of Final Fantasy XV isn’t complete yet. Please wait for a more exciting story in the future.

      “Get ready for the Kingsglaive Adventure!”

      It’s been too long since we’ve seen the Glendinions, the continent of the dead. No more do we let our guard down. In the north of the world, a gang is preying on travelers, and the region’s rightful protector has yet to appear. Vagan‘s glory is fading day by day. We feel that the raging continent’s very existence is being challenged, as


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      Mod Config:
      (You can change the UI configurations, Background Music settings, Sound settings, Graphic settings, etc.)

      This option lets you change the configuration settings for the game.

      All the settings are saved in the FS file, so you can revert to the original settings if you want.

      Select ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ for each of the following options:
      [Flashcomics] Yes/No: Load Flashcomics Interface Files
      No: Not load the Flashcomics Interface files (Not recommended).

      [GAMEPLAY] Yes/No: Pick up Magic Orbs in Dungeon (Recommended)
      Yes/No: Play as first party when


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    Eden Ring is the latest MMORPG from the the Elden Horizon Team featuring a brand new fantasy setting with a rich and unique story and a group of diverse characters. The team boasted a huge game world, allowing players to freely wander around an assortment of locations at their leisure. Players are able to explore the world, and take advantage of a variety of missions and activities to gain in-game experience points and items.

    Eden Ring is launching officially today on Steam, the world’s largest digital distribution service for PC gamers, for $9.99/£7.99/$9.99. Players can also download the beta version now on Steam.




    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10, Windows Server® 2008, Windows Server® 2008 R2, Windows Server® 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Server® 2012 R2, Windows Server® 2012 R2 with Service Pack 2 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Server® 2012 R2 with Service Pack 2 (64-bit)
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    HDD: 8 GB free space
    Windows® 7, Windows® 8