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This error can occur due to an corrupt Autodesk. When using X-Force 2017 as the active. Autodesk® Maya® is a revolutionary digital content creation tool that makes it easy for you to build, rig, and interact with a 3D model.His House, May 6th, 2016.

HIS is an architecture and design studio established in 1997 by Italian architect Daniele di Fulvio. The studio specializes in creating cozy and relaxing spaces for the dwellers.

They have now completed a beautiful house in the outer suburbs of Turin, Italy, designed by His Studio.

The house is a two-story structure and it is built entirely with wood, using local tawny wood as the main material.

He revealed to the magazine Casa del Sole in an interview, “The wood is a beautiful material, of great lightness and almost insubstantial aspect, and gives strength to the walls.”

The wooden walls are kept clean and simple.

The design approach of His Studio is “simple as well as simplistic in its research.”

The home is a large house, yet has an open and intimate atmosphere, maintained by the material used in the design and the choice of the color, a warm washed grey, bringing out the character of the place.

The flooring is also interesting as it is made with the same wood as the walls and the ceiling.

It works as a real skin of the structure, along with the walls and the ceiling.

The white room has a very simple but warm atmosphere, thanks to the pink beige color tones.

There are two bedrooms, one on the first floor, one on the ground floor. The kitchen and the bathroom are located on the second floor.

Both bedrooms have a small balcony leading to the inside of the house.

The ceiling is very simple, with square holes, and the wood is very close to the walls.

The details are very meaningful in the home; for instance, the shape of the curtain rods, the door frames and the cupboards.

This home has a very relaxed and intimate atmosphere. It is not a big house, yet the softness and the focus on the intimate details make it the perfect environment for a family to live.

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