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Sort data in flash from back end php in as3

i have this code that adds event listeners for button’s onclick
private function addEventListeners()

private function buttonClick(e:MouseEvent):void{;;

it works fine when there is only 1 button but i have a problem when there is more than 1, for example :
private function addEventListeners()

private function buttonClick(e:MouseEvent):void{;;

in this case the listners are added in order they are created why this happens?
And is there a way to sort the listner’s by name, first the button with name=”xyz” then by name=”abc”?


if ( == e.currentTarget) return; // handle single target = 100; = 100;

that’s how you would only set the x, y, or both if it’s the current target

This property is only meaningful when event is dispatched by
the MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER_OR_OUT_OF_FRAME event type.
The properties of the Event object may be defined in either event
or target. If both types are specified, the event type is

Also, if

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