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Can’t restore VMware server 11 on Ubuntu 19.10

I have a piece of software that’s saying it needs VMware Server 11 and I can’t restore it on Ubuntu 19.10
The error is :
Failed to initialize service ‘VMware ESX Server’ for 64-bit ‘Version 11.0.0’

If I launch the VM on another Ubuntu 18.04, it works.
When I try to launch it in Ubuntu 19.10, I get the error.
I checked that the.ova file matches the Ubuntu version, so that’s not the issue.
I’ve tried both with and without esxcli –restore-vmserver install.
I have a good VMM installed and it’s the only option for VMware in the snap list.
The VMM is an official one.
This is what I’ve tried so far :

reinstall VMware server
install the latest VMware tools
rebuild VM with latest toolset and.ova file
try to restore from the same.ova file with a different Ubuntu version, still fails
rebuild the VM manually on another Ubuntu installation, it works (even with the same.ova file)

Any ideas?


After some time, I found the issue that was causing the issue, as for me, it was a 32-bit Ubuntu installation.
I tried to reinstall VMWare server on a 64-bit Ubuntu

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