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John stars along with Bipasha Basu in India’s first scripted movie. In those days, T. V. was not as prevalent as it is today. Thus, movie.
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The Beginnings of Pirate Aboard the Queen Mary (2005)

The Queen Mary was a great success and she quickly became known as the ‘Queen of the Seven Seas.’ Yet even after the ship left New York City she would continue to sail the seven seas carrying many passengers and serving as a cattle carrier.

The Queen Mary, developed by William Fife and built in 1913, was one of the greatest transatlantic liners. World War II took its toll, however, and it was placed in long-term storage in a shipyard in Germany. The ship returned to American service in 1968 and continued to sail the oceans until it was placed in San Francisco’s Hunter’s Point shipyard for conversion to a casino ship in 1976. Refurbished and returned to service in 1996, the Queen Mary —the largest vessel in the world—was sold in 2006 to Renaissance Cruises, and continues to sail the oceans to this day.

The history of The Queen Mary spans nearly 100 years and is much more than the ship itself. The story of the ship is a remarkable one and the series, “A Feared and Popular Pirate” explores the beginnings of piracy on board the Queen Mary. The story follows the adventures of Edward “Blackbeard” Teach and his accomplices from the time they were young pirates until they were members of a notorious pirate gang. Their stories are presented through a team of historical and modern day journalists as well as a cast of characters such as Blackbeard’s men, the infamous pirate Louis de Quervain, and the infamous pirate himself “Calico Jack” Rackham. In many ways the history of The Queen Mary and the pirates themselves are told

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