Deep !EXCLUSIVE! Freeze Standard V6.61.20.2822 [u O ] 64 Bit


Deep Freeze Standard V6.61.20.2822 [u O ] 64 Bit

free 30-day trial
simply download and install deep freeze, as if you were a new user. you can use a free trial to test how deep freeze works and make any adjustments needed.
log a short registration and data dump to help us track our success and improve performance of deep freeze. you’ll be able to connect to deep freeze when you need to to experience how it works for yourself.

at the core of deep freeze, is an exclusive technology that allows it to create a live snapshot of your windows pc after youre done using it, and then restore it back to its original configuration whenever you want. after you are done using your computer, set your machine to hibernate and then wake it up later. when youre done using deep freeze for the day, you can apply the saved configuration as your original one. you can then hibernate your computer, and when youre ready to use it, you simply activate the snapshot and now your pc has your original settings as it was when you last used it. in fact, youll never have to worry about the changes youve made to your pc since you last used it. this is achieved by a powerful windows pe which provides the core function of the deep freeze application, to record your computer settings during the usage session. although deep freeze automatically saves the configuration of your pc, you can also decide to save manually at any time. you can also backup your original configuration to a different hard drive or optical disk. deep freeze is designed to provide the maximum pc security while allowing you to modify the configuration of your pc without limitation. it monitors and logs key events during your computer session, and saves these events as live snapshots so that you can recover your computer settings. every live snapshot includes and essential component, the security log. this log features many useful, powerful tools for keeping a close eye on the activity on your pc, and identifying and eliminating threats that might try to harm your computer by force.
you will not only be able to remove malicious software programs, but also to keep your computer fully protected from other threats that might pop up. these threats can include all kind of harmful viruses, adware, spyware, worms and trojans that are constantly trying to attack your pc. deep freeze is not only capable of removing such harmful threats, but it is also your security tool from the large number of harmful viruses that constantly attack your pc. to get you started, deep freeze includes applications that allow you to detect viruses, adware and spyware programs that are currently present on your pc. deep freeze removes these threats, and it also allows you to remove them manually, by reinstalling them. deep freeze is capable of cleaning up viruses that were created using your system resources, so that youre not required to reinstall your computer. you can find full features list below.

faronics deep freeze standard is the ultimate protection for your windows pcs. deep freeze allows you to freeze, thaw, and then reboot the way you want to protect your pc from malware, viruses, and hacking attempts, and also performs a system backup of the contents of the hard drive. although deep freeze standard does not support registry scanning, checks for newer version of security programs and their updates, and can block applications, it can be updated to perform these functions if desired. with the ability to schedule and schedule the entire machine to be frozen or rebooted at a later date, deep freeze gives you the freedom to configure your computer to protect you from malware as well as malicious changes, and allows users to deploy deep freeze to their administrators, users, and enterprise computers to ensure a safe working pc. the standard version of deep freeze includes all of the tools required to protect your computers from malicious changes, including multi-platform protection for windows, linux and mac os x.
deep freeze is a physical system that is installed on the user’s hard drive. once installed and configured, deep freeze makes it easy to keep your system clean, is entirely invisible to the user, and is not burdensome to maintain.
deep freeze 3 is now available with a new user interface with scroll bars, additional radio buttons and a new zoom feature. you can also use ctrl to change the magnification of the deep freeze desktop, a new feature you can use to quickly look at multiple files or folders.
the new live malware scan feature alerts you when new or modified files are detected. with deep freeze, you can easily customize the detection parameters for malware, including minimum detection file size, location, and count. customize the location of files to scan or schedule a schedule scan. you can also run a file scan, now detected when the designated program is launched.

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