if you have ever tried online dating and ended up having to deal with the b.s. from the guys you were talking to, youll know how horrible that can be. sometimes its easy to say stuff online that you wouldnt say to someone face to face. weve put together a list of the good and the bad sites. so, you wont have to suffer through any more awkwardness, talking to strangers, being desperate, and going through some sort of b.

swipeleft is a dating app that allows you to swap matches with anyone you wish. with over three million users in just over a week, this app is a hit! the swipe left feature allows you to meet somebody new, and theres also a match feature, which allows you to swap messages with another person. using the match feature, youll be able to interact with a new person easily and without having to directly talk to them.

lithofriendfinder is a companion app for l-friendfinder to help you get introduced to new people. this app is a free app and it features over 40 million people from different countries and is a fun way to start chatting with new people.

tinder is one of the most popular dating apps. this is one of the oldest dating apps out there, dating back to 2013. with over 500 million matches made and over 200 million users, this is a great app for anyone looking for a long-term relationship.

mate1 is a dating app created to help you meet your soulmate. with over 6 million active users, this is a matchmaking app. they match you with other similar people, like you, who are looking for a long-term relationship. is a dating site that matches people on the basis of their personality, lifestyles, and even dream homes. match also offers a group chat feature where you can chat with other users without committing.