convince a significant other not to go on a blind dates app to test your interest in each other. that can lead to sticky situations and no fun, i assure you. although, you might be surprised, because what you wouldn’t expect is for your significant other sign up for the app, even if just for the blind dates.

pefr is a dating app where you receive messages from women based on location. when you launch the app and sign in with facebook, you receive groups of women based on where you live and work. these groups can then be narrowed down by a ton of other criteria, such as if you’re looking for people who are traveling, sports fans, or people who share your interests. on top of that, the women who join pefr are generally looking for meaningful relationships and not just random hookups.

i tried okcupid’s feature to try to find my soulmate. it’s a cute way to get a little gay spirit into your relationship. that’s not to say that there weren’t other women you thought were cute and had amazing personalities, too. but there was something about this feature that was just more diverse in terms of women. it’s more than perfect for someone like me who is looking for more than one woman in one relationship.

would you ever set up someone to meet you at a party? of course you would. and you should have the same amount of confidence that same person will show up when it comes time to hook up with you. scruff, a free app available for both android and ios, is a hookup app that also works for meeting people. if you and your friends are casual hookup people, then scruff is the best dating app for you. and if your hookup style is more serious and you want to meet your soulmate then scruff is the perfect dating app for you. with scruff, you are free to set up an event with your members and hang out in the app, or you can go on a date. if you want to get down with an app that will let you meet people in person and then take your relationship forward irl, scruff is the best hookup app for you.