odnoklassniki: popular among college students, odnoklassniki is a dating app for queer, queer, and trans students to meet up and hookup with one another. it is one of the most popular apps among lgbt+, and it boasts 30 million global members. these include over 50,000 in moscow alone. the major network for students to hook up with one another is romeo .

gofish is an app that lets you sort men by their age, hair color, and eye color. this service isn’t yet available in the united states, but it’s hot in other countries. most app users tend to be 25-49 years old and looking for the same thing: a date. but if you are willing to be a little adventurous, there are many other ways to find someone great, too. if you are looking for a hookup you can’t usually find on other apps, gofish is a great place to start. but the prices start at about $10 for a month of service.

okcupid is by far my favorite dating app. while that’s admittedly not saying much, i’ll explain why i like it so much. if you’re new to the world of dating apps, okcupid allows you to answer a bunch of questions about yourself. that means you’re able to get a full picture of what someone is like in a split second. it’s also one of the only dating apps where you can ask someone specific questions about what they like in a partner. is a fairly straight up site that allows you to search by location, distance, and most of all the type of person you’re looking for. it also lets you see what other users are like in a certain area, but if that’s not your thing, the app isn’t for you. it really is more of a hookup app than anything else. you find your own way to meet strangers.