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*Clip-box is a proclipboard.
*Clip-Box is a clipboard manager, which works like the flash clip board and keeps all your important information, whether it be text, graphic or image, even files, easily accessible.
*Clip-Box can record and keep the data in other windows (eg. ‘cut’ and ‘copy’) and can be used like ‘Copy’ and ‘paste’ in MS office. You can use ‘Paste-Box’ to paste the data, just like your regular clip board.
*Clip-Box keeps all your information in an easily accessible and organized way. You can store as many pieces of data at a time as you need. It is the easiest and most user friendly clipboard to use


What’s New in this Release :

Version :
‘How To Use’: If you don’t know, it’s our easiest user guide. How to make a copy? How to make a cut? How to do the paste? How about you save or load the config file to a default config file? How about you save or load the entire record? And all in the same way for 4 operations. Click here to read the ‘new features’ more.
New Keywords : You can use it to remember the old documents. Just copy the old contents for the clipboard from the old documents.
New functions for the database:
*You can use it to save more into the database. And use the edition of the copy-box with one click.
*Get the app data for the deletion program when you delete the app data.
*A more smoother user interface.
New functions for the configuration :
*Paste-Box will get the field that set in the app config.
*A more polished user interface.
*The program will be easier to configure, and help to find out the running document by document types.
*Paste box will be similar to the right click of the mouse, you can paste the data without to click.
*You can define the cut,copy and paste locations within the app config. (Within the app config is the preferable method of installation for the version of

Version :
‘How To Use’: If you don’t know, it’s our easiest user guide. How to make a copy? How to make a cut?

Clip-Box Crack + Free Download (Latest)

* Create as many clip-boxes as you like.
* Each clip-box is a single page of 1,000,000 bytes (one megabyte) of memory which can contain one type of item: text, image or binary.
* A single copy operation creates one or more clips in each clip-box.
* Creation time is proportional to the size of your clip-boxes.
* Each page of clip-box memory can host one type of item or color. See below.
* Memory management function so you can easily expand memory or delete old clips.
* 25 categories available (clip-box types, types of items and color).
* No dll file.
* All controls in windows.
* Unlimited demo.
* Price is very affordable, pay 1$ a month or 1$ a year.
* Windows 95,98, Me,NT,2000,XP,2003,Vista,7,8,10 versions are all supported.
* The os language supported is C++.
* 10000 clip-boxes on one page (MSDN sample)
* If your PC is too slow, just compress clip-box by zipfile or rarfile with 100% compression rate, and we will open it for you.
* If you want us to compress the clip-box file before upload, just drop us an email at
* If you do not want to use the clip-box feature in deshiping, but you want to use copy and paste in your programs, you can use this v4.5.6 codec.
* Support zipping/unzipping of clips before copying.
* Support clipboard history backup.
* Support Windows explorer’s copy icon or keyboard shortcut for copying.
* Support Windows’ copy icon or keyboard shortcut for cutting.
* Support drag and drop of clipped data for portable transferring.
* Support drag and drop of data on clip-box to other programs.
* Support Drag & Drop Clipboard History Backup.
* Support drag and drop of data on clip-box to other programs.
* Support drag & drop of clip-box to top / bottom.
* Support drop events of clip-box to other programs.
* Support drag and drop of clip-box to other programs.
* Support drag and drop of clipboard items to clip-box.
* Support insert and delete of clip-box in Windows Explorer.
* Support handle key combination for

Clip-Box Crack

-Save clips(ex:movie file) to a clipbox (doc file format,image format,html format,etc.)
-Cut clips
-Copy clips
-Copy to clipboard(will be saved to clipbox)
-Paste the clip to a predefined position(ex:size of image file)
-Re-Cut the clip
-Re-Copy the clip
-Re-Paste the clip
-Close clipbox
-Navigate Clipbox with mouseclick.
Show Menu:
-Export the clip to the Clipboard (be saved to you desktop)
-Navigate Clipbox with mouse click
-Show Clipbox
-Exit Clipbox
-Locate the Clipbox
-Sort and page clips
-Clear the Clipbox History
-Copy Clip to the Clipbox
-Cut Clip to the Clipbox
-Paste Clip to the Clipbox
-Re-Copy Clip to the Clipbox
-Re-Cut Clip to the Clipbox
-Re-Copy Clip to the Clipbox
-Re-Cut Clip to the Clipbox
-Re-Copy Clip to the Clipbox
-Show Clipbox
-Close Clipbox
-Exit Clipbox
4.When you copy and paste clip in clipbox,you can press “Copy to Clipboard” (middle button of mouse) to save the clip to the desktop.
1.Drag and drop the “clippbox.exe” in the CAB file of your destination PC, or copy the “clippbox.exe” to the desktop and double click it.
2.You can un-install the tool by un-checking “Start from the desktop when the program starts” in the “Program and Features” on “Control Panel” of your destination PC.
6.Looking for a tutorial?This program may contain Proprietary or Copylefted materials.

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What’s New In?

– Multiple Copies: The New multi-copy and expandable ClipBox!
– ClipBox Help: ClipBox has built-in help for all windows of ClipBox.
– Saving/Recovery: With ClipBox you can save up to 10 months of your ClipBox-use with a single click.
– Keep on your Desktop: Never loose your important ClipBox-Clips on your Desktop, even in case of computer disaster.
– Important Information: ClipBox will remember all details of your ClipBox-use, including information of Clipbox version, password, email-address, ClipBox-install-CD (DVD) etc.
– PC Time: ClipBox works flawlessly with the Clipboard of other applications. Just turn on the system-time and scroll through the other apps.
– Rating and Compatibility: In the very first beta-release of ClipBox there were minor problems with compatibility and rating issues. We fixed these problems after a lot of testing, and are now issuing a full compatibility, rating and review program for every version of ClipBox. This will allow you a better chance to report us with bugs and errors.
– Version History: Version 1.01 contains a number of major improvements. Version 1.02 adds a lot of new features, including clipboard recovery.
– How to use: Simply copy and paste the files you want to copy, press a “Save” button and select the format you want to save the files in. For example: Go to Open Clipboard and select the selection in “Normal Text format” (Bold, Italic, Black Text, …). Double-click on “Save “and name it, for example: MyClipbox will remember the clips.

First, you have to register your account. After you’ve done that, you will be able to browse and download any of the files you’ve stored on ClipBox directly through the File Manager. You can also use the File Manager to drag and drop any selected files into the Clipbox folder and save the data that way. You can use as many accounts as you’d like but each account can only store up to 5 GB of files and folders.

You have to register your account first. After that, you can browse through your files and download them directly. You can also drag and drop your files into the Clipbox folder and save it that way. Multiple users can access the files you’ve uploaded, but they can only save up to 5GB

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8
Windows 10
Windows 8.1 (8/8.1/8.1.1/10 Anniversary update)
OS X 10.9/10.10 (10.10.1 is recommended)
VRAM 8MB for Chrome on Windows
VRAM 16MB for Chrome on Mac
Minimum 512MB RAM
1080p (1920 x 1080)
1366 x 768
800 x 600