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Figure 4.2 illustrates an example of a raster image.

1. **Open a JPEG image (for example, 2007.jpg) and select Save for Web and Devices from the File menu**.

You see the familiar Save for Web & Devices dialog box.

2. **Make sure the Format is set to JPEG**.

The JPEG image is now in a browser-readable format. You can view it in a browser without compression, saving image quality.

3. **Click Save**.

The JPEG file appears in your web browser.

Figure 4.2. A JPEG is a raster-based file that can be viewed and opened in a browser without being compressed.

4. **Right-click (Control-click on a Mac) the image and choose Open**.

The image appears in Photoshop.

Photoshop’s file system has its own folders, and you probably already know where those are. You can also insert a JPEG image from another folder into a web browser simply by dragging and dropping.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements is quite buggy and has problems closing programs and saving images. Most of the glitches are frequent and irritating. Elements is lacking in many features compared to Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a good option for students and people looking for quality graphics images. Once you understand the process of editing images in Elements you’ll know more about how to edit better in Photoshop.

The best features of Elements

Easy to use interface

Most of the tools are right on the toolbar, easy to use and modify. There are 20 tools in the toolbar, 5 shortcut keys, and 5 menus.

This is a good start if you are new to Elements and want to start with creating a complete image.

You’ll have better results using Elements than using Photoshop.

You can avoid using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop at the same time. Elements, being free, allows you to handle raw images. Elements will allow you to do the same things that Photoshop will allow if you pay for the license.

Adobe Photoshop Elements provides most of the editing tools used by professional photographers.

Lack of many tools

Elements has some tools that Photoshop does not provide. In Elements, you’ll have 20 tools, 4 panels, 2 sliders, 8 menus, 7 keyboard shortcuts, and 2 bottoms.

Elements has only one filmstrip, no curves panel and no photomerge.

Elements has many bugs, so if you use it to do a great editing you’ll most likely crash and lose your work.

Elements does not have a filmstrip, contrast, motion, brightness, layers, healing options, and many other features of Photoshop.

Elements does not have some of the advanced filters available in Photoshop.

Elements does not have a manual-cutout selection, transform paths, and calligraphic tools. These are some of the features that make editing an image in Photoshop so easy.

You cannot save an image in Elements while editing it.

Elements has some bugs, like crashing, freezing and losing data.

The bugs will not affect your creations but the workflow.

Elements seems like it has a good file-save button, but it does not. The saving functionality is a very particular matter in Elements. You cannot save the file in the same place where you created the file, Elements will save it in a folder that you may not know.


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