AVI to 3GP Converter is an easy to use, yet powerful software solution developed to convert AVI files to 3GP.
Pretty helpful for those who want to play their favorite videos on a mobile phone, the application tries to keep things simple, so the intuitive GUI should be enough to serve its purpose.
With large buttons at the top of the main window and a preview panel to help users watch the clips they are about to convert, AVI to 3GP Converter is generally an easy to use app, but you may still need a few seconds to figure out the purpose of each tool.
Simply add the files you want to convert to the file queue, choose an output folder and you're all set.
Additionally, AVI to 3GP Converter also gives you the power to resize the videos by writing down a custom resolution, while dedicated options help you set different begin and end times.
A settings screen is available too, and this is the only place to find more advanced options such as video and audio codecs, video bitrate and audio sample rate.
The conversion job doesn't take much time and that's definitely a very good thing, especially given the fact that AVI to 3GP Converter needs a moderate amount of hardware resources.
But overall, AVI to 3GP Converter makes for a decent video conversion software, although we all agree that there still are some things to be improved. Support for many more formats and more configuration options concerning the output file, they're all needed to attract more users.


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AVI To 3GP Converter Crack + Free Download

AVI to 3GP Converter is a useful little app, allowing you to convert AVI files to 3GP format.

Designed with the mobile phone in mind, it’s easy to use, is has a few nice features and is free to use.
Converting videos to 3GP is no rocket science, but at times it can be a pain, due to the lack of many features, that usually only make sense to work with a desktop app.
AVI to 3GP Converter tries to make things easier for users, by having an easy to understand and intuitive GUI that keeps things clear and simple, but they still could have provided more features and better default options.
The application comes with a few options, that help you decide what kind of conversion you would like to do.
From simple settings to advanced codec preferences, you are free to play with all the options.
And while there are nice presets, you can also define custom resolutions for the video and the audio, as well as the beginnings and ends of the clips to be converted.
In addition, the video quality settings are pretty comprehensive, as well as the different encoders and the possible audio sample rate.
The main window has a very nice interface, organized with large buttons and a preview window, that displays what you will be doing next, being fairly intuitive and easy to use.
The conversion takes place in the background and doesn’t really take much time, although it will depend on the size of the files to be converted.
AVI to 3GP Converter requires a moderate amount of system resources, as it does use some sound and graphics acceleration.
The conversion speed of the app is basically the same as the other software that offers the same features and a whole lot more.
AVI to 3GP Converter is a quite useful little application, offering up a pretty nice interface and a wide range of options.
Although it could have provided more features and better default options, its intuitive and elegant design does the job.
It uses only a moderate amount of hardware resources and should work well enough for the typical user.
Nonetheless, AVI to 3GP Converter needs a few more features to be added to its interface, while the developer could add more options for advanced users, who want to dig deeper.

Advanced FeaturesAVI to 3GP Converter takes full advantage of the Android platform and provides a few advanced features.

Video encoding:
With the Video Encoding menu, users can

AVI To 3GP Converter Crack+

3GP is a mobile phone format used by Chinese mobile phones. It is an improved version of the existing video format.mp4 and.mpg.
According to the specifications, MP4 can support resolutions from 320×240 to 1920×1080, while.mpg supports sizes from 320×240 to 1280×720.
The video sample rate of both types is one 2nd, which means a frame rate of 25 frames per second.
AVI to 3GP Converter Activation Code is one of the best 3GP video converters because of the:
✓ User friendly interface
✓ For fun conversions
✓ The fastest conversion speed
✓ The largest number of supported formats
Nowadays, most of the computer users are using Apple Macbook or Windows 7 PC, but AVI to 3GP Converter will work just fine on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems.
Note: To run this video converter for Windows 7 users, you need to download the portable version of this video converter, save it to a USB drive, then install it on your Windows 7 PC and run.
AVI to 3GP Converter is a video conversion utility that was developed to convert AVI video files to 3GP files. It supports multi-threading technology, fast conversion speed, and powerful tools. It’s very easy to use. You can simply add video files and 3GP videos to the queue and set output parameters like resolution, bitrate, frame size, etc. The conversion speed is very fast. With the help of support multiple formats, you can convert more video files to 3GP format at one time.Publish Date


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AVI To 3GP Converter Crack+ Free


Converts AVI to 3GP with ease.

Simple to use GUI.

Extract audio, trim and add subtitles.

Supports up to 4 CPUs.

Converts AVIs with ease.


Click the button below to download AVI to 3GP Converter. This is a portable version of AVI to 3GP Converter which works anywhere and on any device. You can run it on your computer or laptop from USB flash drive.


4.2 MB.

May use up to 4 CPUs or multi-core processors.


If this software meets your needs, just click the ‘Download’ button to download the installation file immediately. The size of the file is about 100 KB.

AVI to 3GP Converter Reviews:

Not bad for the price…

By jazkin
on Apr 9, 2009

After using more then a dozen converters, i finally found something that satisfies my needs. Its simple and easy to use as well. It works good. I would recommend this program to others.Its worth the money.

Well worth the money

By Patric
on Jul 3, 2014

AVI to 3GP Converter is a great program for AVI to 3GP conversion. I have used other free converters and they were ok but this program was great for me. Everything works fine on my M4N75D-V1

Its a little difficult to know what you are doing

By jazkin
on May 6, 2009

I downloaded it for a 3gp converter and it worked fine. But when I got it I noticed theres alot going on in the first screen. There are a TON of options that you dont know what to do. So I tried the default that they give you and that worked. But they also have a wizard that shows you what it is doing, but its not very intuitive.


By peotius
on Apr 28, 2014

Great for AVI to 3GP conversion. I have tried a dozen converters and this one is the best for my needs. Most are somewhat buggy and crash at random times. This one seems to work fine and I have used it for a few months now without any problems.

AVI to 3GP Converter is a great AVI to 3GP

What’s New In AVI To 3GP Converter?

AVI to 3GP Converter is a powerful video conversion tool that can convert a large amount of files at once. It can convert AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, MKV, MPEG, MOV, AVCHD to 3GP format video format. It can quickly convert AVI to 3GP format and convert AVI to 3GP format.

Best AVI to 3GP Converter


AVI to 3GP Converter is an easy to use, yet powerful software solution developed to convert AVI files to 3GP.

This conversion tool is really easy to use because it has a very user-friendly interface, not only can this software convert AVI to 3GP video format, it can also convert AVI to 3GP audio format.

With a large number of output formats, you can convert AVI to 3GP with ease. You can save converted AVI to 3GP to the SD card, or SD card to your computer easily.

You can easily resize videos with the setting of 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, or 8.0 inches. It can also import your pre-converted AVI files from iPod, iPod Video, Zune and PSP, or other mp3 players for further conversion.

AVI to 3GP Converter will help you convert many files simultaneously.

Easy to Use

AVI to 3GP Converter is a simple and easy to use software.

The interface is clear, can easily run on Windows OS.

Supports a lot of players.

Easy Conversion

AVI to 3GP Converter is a powerful and easy to use application that will help you convert AVI to 3GP.

Many users who use AVI to 3GP Converter are satisfied with this program.

Support Many Devices

AVI to 3GP Converter can convert AVI files to many media players.

It can convert to the most popular video and audio formats.

Supportable devices

AVI to 3GP Converter supports the most popular files.

AVI to 3GP Converter

Some people may have different attitudes to this software, and to each other. Only you can know your own expectation for this software.

More users said that this tool is not suitable for its performance. AVI to 3GP Converter has been a bit buggy and slow. Users often complain about the quality

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista
Windows XP/Vista DirectX: 9.0c
9.0c CPU: Dual Core (2.8 GHz or faster) or Hyper-Threading Enabled
Dual Core (2.8 GHz or faster) or Hyper-Threading Enabled Memory: 2 GB RAM
2 GB RAM GPU: Shader Model 3.0 (compatibility not guaranteed)
Shader Model 3.0 (compatibility not guaranteed) Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
DirectX 9

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