Mechaworld 2: Magnetis is an accessible take on the physics-based puzzle-racer action genre. Inside the tiny land of Obelix, you control Loco, a tiny robot which requires nanotechnology to be able to build contraptions and do awesome things. You can attract or repel your fellow robots by connecting 2 blue or 2 red magnets, the aim of the game is to maximise the length of your chain reactions by strategically planning your moves. Magnetis features 40 achievements with super-cool unlockable content! You will need to master the art of assembling contraptions, solving complex puzzles and getting ahead of your friends in multiplayer. You can swap the size of your Locomotive, the maximum length of your chain, and even a few of your LocoGems to try and become the best in your online community.
Have fun!

A file sharing app for Mac users who want to make sharing files and folders to public less tedious. With ShareFile, you don’t need to worry about downloading, sharing and managing extra files on your computer and then having to double check if the shared files are still there. Just share directly from your Mac’s file dialog, and you’ll be up and running in seconds. This app also works with Dropbox and Box.
Share any file or folder
All files and folders on your Mac’s file system become available to you with ShareFile.
Connects with Dropbox and Box so you can continue to sync files
Enable Dropbox or Box sync to get files and folders from Dropbox and Box and automatically appear in the ShareFile menu.
Send files directly from your Mac’s file dialog
Use the Mac’s file dialog to send files to your Dropbox or Box account. Just drag files and folders into ShareFile’s file dialog.
No need to download, copy, organize, and share
With ShareFile, you don’t need to download a file to the computer. Simply drag and drop files to ShareFile’s file dialog, and they will be shared to your Dropbox or Box account for you.
*Downloads vary depending on your internet connection speeds.

I’m Sartek, famous Android game developer who is responsible for the best selling game Slide Jump(#1 iOS game in 40 countries, #3 in Google Play Store, “Best of the month” in Poland, Brazil, Czech, Italy and #1 worldwide game using no Google


Features Key:

Players tap on their opponent, where the green circle appears. Tap once. When a player attacks, the red circle will appear, and their opponent’s health will decrease. When the circles intersect, the attack is executed.


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A whole new era of bullet hell is here!
Fire up the largest stage of life and take control of the ball of fire shooting through the sky and hell. Relive the golden era of bullet hell in an entirely new way with Stalgame shooting gallery. Enjoy more than 100 levels of colorful mayhem with bullet hell shooting gallery. Become the juggernaut of destruction with a hundred balls of lighting. Enjoy a massive blast of run and gun gameplay complete with fun and exciting game mechanics.
About Perfect Timing
“Perfect Timing is a game by Stalgame Studios where you control a ball of fire shooting through the sky and hell. You shoot enemies and eventually make your way through the level. The game is to catch the ball of fire before it reaches the ground. Some Bullet Hell Shooters are Too Hard. Some are Too Easy. This One is Just Right.”
Key Features:
– Epic 100 Level Fun-A-thon
– Easy to learn, hard to master
– New Concept of the Master Mode
– Unlimited Life!!
– Fast paced & non-stop action
– Infinite play-throughs
– Highly Challenging Gameplay
– Very addictive
– 10 Real Images from the Movie
– Full 1-Track & 50 Unique Boss Music
– Awesometastic Soundtrack
– New Graphic Icons
– Latest Mobile Game Engine
– The Best Sound & Music Remix of the Year
– Shooting Gallery Battle
– Big Screen Shooting Gallery
– Competitive Gameplay
– New Top down perspective
– Arcade style Time Trial
– Speedrun mode
– Auto firing boosters for the ball of fire
– Two types of powerups
– Full controller support
– 5 Stages with 10 levels in each
– In-Game Ad free
– In-Game ads removed
– Multiple languages support
– Also supports all known tablets, smartphones and most devices
– The game requires either Android 4.0 or later versions or iPhone 5 or later versions. Some older devices may have issue with installing the game, but our team is working on it and it will be resolved shortly.
– Any device with Bluetooth connection can be used.
– For best performance. Make sure to update your device to the latest Android & iOS system
The games featured or marketed on this site are powered by Android devices and the results may vary depending on your device’s configuration. We accept no responsibility or liability for any losses, damages, or injuries caused by installing games


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Pilot a black two-seater plane called a falcon. Fly it over opponents with the mouse, aiming and dodging. Kill them or earn points by dodging their bullets, or, for the less patient, just land shots with the first enemy you see and bomb them to kingdom come. On the ground, you can throw a rubber duck at your opponent, making them fly. Throw a table at them, then run away.

The night sky is no longer safe in Night Over by Virtual Lunch. Face down the enemy using stealth. Kill them one by one with the key, or simply hide from them and observe your stealthy opponents’ comings and goings. Keep your eye on the time. Time is of the essence, and one false move, and the game is over. Once you are spotted, you’re dead. You’ll have to hide again, and hope your foes don’t find you. The game is easy to pick up, and difficult to master. Try out the game’s room for trial and error. Each player has a limited number of moves available. For instance, a player might be able to hide once, but not twice. Each time a player enters the room, they can assign a number of moves to their stack. A pile of one-move actions appear on the player’s screen, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the jelly on top. You use the mouse to put one of those one-move actions onto your stack. As you play, you’ll learn what one-move actions are the most valuable to your use, and what you can afford to not do, like rolling for four seconds in a corner, or pulling off an accuracy based attack from hiding.

Try to work out the timing of your moves and the opponent’s. Try not to get spotted. If you are seen, you are toast, and you have to start over. To fight the game, simply press your key once, or use your microphone (for Windows) or your line in (for Macintosh). If you do this successfully, you earn points and move up in the ranks. The game features a challenging “hard” mode, where you must be on the alert at all times to get a points bonus, and earn medals.

You are on a deserted road. You are charged with the task of bringing a U.S. Senator to the White House. To accomplish this task, you must dodge the opponents that are trying to kill you, and collect various items along the way.


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