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John Carpenter knows how to make a monster film, from The Thing to The Thing (1982) to The Fly (1986) to Dark Star (2005), and he has delivered a lot of them.

Carpenter is known for making films on a budget and maintaining a low profile, and Director of Photography John Beal described how he and Carpenter worked together on a film known as El Hefe.

Beetlejuice actor Skeet Ulrich was on hand to promote the film and also fielded questions from the audience. Asked if there would be more like Frankenstein, the actor said he would love to be part of a larger franchise. A film based on the film was in the works with Guillermo del Toro, but the project fell through.

“It was a project that Guillermo and I had planned. We’d finally made the second Evil Dead. It was kind of the plan was to make a film based on a genre of films,” he said. “I was in the El Hefe. I was in a small film called The Cat and the Devil, which was made as a proof of concept and a short film. I was also in The Fly. Then when it went down, we didn’t really have a script, and we really had a difficult time getting it off the ground.”

Carpenter and his wife, Debra Hill, went to a dinner in London where they met with Alfonso Cuaron, who was at the dinner as a guest of Spike Lee.

“We met him,” said Beetlejuice actor Skeet Ulrich. “We sat down at the table and he told me I couldn’t speak for a year

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