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# Go to web pages related to Photoshop

If you want to find relevant tutorials for Photoshop, visit the following web sites:

* **Adobe:** **** The Adobe Photoshop section on this site has tutorials, demonstrations, updates, and more.
* **Boyd and Associates:** **** This site offers an array of tutorials and demonstrations for Photoshop.
* **Boyd and Associates:** **** This site features tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and other professional programs.

## Downloading Extra Images

Because Photoshop comes with thousands of images, you may want to add more. You can download them to your hard drive, as a USB drive, or even a CD-ROM, depending on the type of computer you’re using.

To download images to your hard drive, first open Photoshop. On the Files panel, choose Window⇒Workspace⇒Download. Next, navigate to the folder where you want the images to be stored. Photoshop also enables you to open external image files, so you don’t have to convert them in any way.

To download to a USB drive, open a Photoshop image. Then click the arrow below the Files panel menu, shown in Figure 7-5, and choose Save as Image. From the Save As Type menu, choose Image, and then navigate to the USB drive that’s connected to your computer (or drag an image directly from

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Schola Forum – Archdiocesan Lectionary 2

June 18, 2013 | 10:00am – 10:30am

Schola Forum

1322 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago

Come celebrate the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul and the Lectionary of the Month, June, with us at the Schola. We will hear Dr. Keith Brateman’s Answering the Call to Serve: The Apostle Paul and the Roman and Early Christian Polis read by Rev. Dr. Frederic Davey, Archdiocesan Director of Vocations. In his introductory remarks, Dr. Brateman will acknowledge the connection of the Apostles to the Christian Church and to the wider world.

Our reflections for June will begin at 10:15, and the address will be at 10:30.

This presentation is in the Basilica, in the Newman Room, 1300 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Room 30.

Church Day

July 2, 2013 | 12:00pm – 12:30pm


1946 W. Fullerton Ave, Chicago

Father Doherty will be making a follow-up visit to the parish to discuss the upcoming Church Day celebration on July 2. There will be a 5k race run around their six-acre park-like grounds and a 10k run from their nearby club house. There will be free entertainment, food vendors, and a fair with parish ministries, entertainment, and children’s activities. No need to RSVP; just come to the church and make your way to the stage.

Church Day is an annual reunion of the parish community to celebrate and pray for the founding and guiding principles of the church, namely:

Love God, love each other, and serve others.

The day begins in the church with the church liturgy, and all are welcome and encouraged to join in celebration.

That evening there will be a free concert by the Osmond Brothers, the Wild Cats, The Federal Van Halen, and the Return of the Rebels, featuring the Desperate Straights, Brian Jones and his Blues Mobile Band.

On Sunday, July 3, the parish will host its second annual Church Day picnic in our beautiful Christian Country Club. A raffle, church tours, old-fashioned games for the kids, free food, and a fishing tournament will be held.

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Sunday, October 20, 2011

The morning of the event, my staff woke up groggy, I on the other hand was not. With a quick shower and a strong cup of coffee, I was ready to get to the event. After grabbing a quick bite and some Pepsi to fuel up for the day, it was time to get on the road.

On my way to the venue, I was able to stop by some local market stands. Many of them had live entertainment on stage during their allotted time. A great way to keep their spirits high for the day and get a better idea of which vendors had the most to offer.

Upon arriving to the venue, I took the elevator to the 3rd floor, where the event was held. Once on the third floor, I scanned the vendors to see what they had to offer. A quick photo op with some of the vendors and then the doors opened to allow guests to enter. I grabbed a quick lunch from a nearby vendor.

After loading up on some of the unique eats and drinks, I made my way towards the main stage. It was still a good 30 to 45 minutes before the doors opened to start the show. There were many different vendors at the event. The floor was covered in different vendors selling everything from food to clothing to tarot readings to the coolest photo booth.

To get the initial buzz going in the room, they had live music and a DJ on stage. Once the music started to die down, the vendors started to come out of the woodwork. We got the chance to meet up with some of the vendors and take a look at all the goods that they had to offer.Update: Here are a bunch of new gameplay footage from the top of the World of Warcraft: Legion beta. Most of these have already been posted, but there are still a few extras:

To see the rest, keep reading!

It’s been quite a while since an actual updated beta site leaked, but today’s is among the best we’ve seen. Several pages of video and screenshots from the game’s second expansion have been posted, including a look at the game’s new PvP combat mode.

World of Warcraft: Legion’s new content includes seven new playable races. The new races include the tauren, night elves, gnomes, dwarfs, orcs, trolls, and gnomekin. Of these, only the tauren and the gnomekin have voiceovers.


What’s New In?

Are we losing money in the fight for health insurance in the state of Maryland?

If we are, our elected leaders should stop fighting about it and fix it.

Because when Maryland finally gets universal health care, you won’t have to pay for an emergency room visit. (Worse case scenario: At least you won’t have to pay for an emergency room visit. Sometimes people die.)

For years, we’ve been fighting what comes out as a “death spiral” in the Maryland health insurance market. In 2014, for example, we saw on average 14,000 Marylanders drop their health insurance plans.

And the numbers keep going down. Last year, in the 39th District, just under 1,000 more people dropped their policies. Compare that with a year ago.

In 2016, every Marylander in our district is projected to be on Medicaid. According to the Maryland Health Benefits Exchange, in 2016, the exchange signed up just over 500,000 Marylanders for private health care.

And yes, Congress is still fighting about whether or not to bring back “HillaryCare” (as it was called in 2009) — which would put Maryland in the same Obamacare-on-steroids swamp that California, New York, Connecticut and Oregon are in.

The federal government hasn’t implemented or fixed anything in the health insurance marketplace.

Meanwhile, in the state of Maryland, as of January 2017, over 1.3 million Marylanders have no health insurance. And yes, that includes many, many who may not know they’re uninsured.

I’ll say it again: Under Obamacare, you will not pay for emergency room visits.

We’re losing money in the fight for affordable health care. Is it any wonder our politicians don’t know what to do?

Michael E. Arnoni, a former Republican State Sen. and candidate for the 39th District, is running for Congress again. To reach him, please email him at

How to filter dataframe based on an array of values

I have a DataFrame that looks like this:
| key | type |
| —– | —————— |
| ABC1 | (1,3,5,7,1),(3,4,6) |
| ABC2 | (1,4,5)

System Requirements:

F.E.A.R. 2
System Requirements:
(Linux) OS: Red Hat 7.2
Red Hat 7.2
Red Hat 7.2 RAM: 256 MB
256 MB Processor: Intel Pentium 4
Intel Pentium 4 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 2600 X2
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 2600 X2 Hard Drive: 1 GB
1 GB Sound Card: Any Sound Card
Any Sound Card DirectX: 9.0c