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A computer’s internal memory can hold only so much information. The more that you put in, the less there is to work with, although new laptop computers hold much more memory than those a few years ago. Although Photoshop is a beast to learn, you’ll certainly feel like you’re making “painless” progress in your project.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Crack

You can find Photoshop Elements tutorials on all manner of topics. Here we take a look at the most helpful ones.

How to Enhance Photos and Images in Photoshop Elements

There are two main areas where you will see changes to photos in Photoshop Elements. One is converting RAW images to JPEGs, and the other is enhancing images. We will cover each of these in turn.

Converting RAW to JPEG

There are many benefits to converting images to JPEG before working on them in Photoshop. First, converting RAW to JPEG reduces the size of the file. It’s better to have fewer files than big files when you’re emailing them or loading them on to the web. Second, a JPEG image will open up instantly when using the image as the desktop background or in a web browser, rather than a large RAW file. Third, once you have converted the image, you can crop the edges of the photo to make it fit your design more closely.

The Photoshop Elements app is simple to use and there are plenty of image tutorials available online to help you out with the process. Here’s how to convert RAW to JPEG with Photoshop Elements.

Open your photo with Photoshop Elements.

Open your photo in Photoshop Elements.

From the menu on the top left of the window, select Image > Edit > Convert to Jpeg or click on the first option under the Edit menu.

Select either JPEG (.jpeg) or RAW (.psd). Photoshop Elements saves the converted file in the default JPEG folder.

If you don’t see the menu option Convert to Jpeg/PSD right at the top of the window, you may need to change the option in your Preferences to “Show convert to jpeg/psd options when opening JPEGs.”

Find your Converted JPEG in the Applications folder.

Once your photo is converted to JPEG, you can crop the edges of the photo to make it fit more neatly.

To crop the image, right click inside the image, press the ‘C’ key and select the Crop tool (looks like a square with a line through it). Right click, press and hold the ‘C’ key and select your preferences from the menu. You can move around the image, remove more or less of the image, do any cropping that you want and set your preferred file formats for your new image.

Enhancing Images with Photoshop

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Digital Prototypes: Choosing a Star Sequence


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Getting Started

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