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Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.1)


If you’re using Photoshop CC 2017 or later, you can also use Adobe Camera Raw to open and edit RAW files in an editing and viewing environment similar to that of the Lightroom and other RAW-specific software on the market. But, RAW files are primarily used for print production, and Photoshop’s limited editing features are pretty well covered by other, better-known RAW-specific programs.

Photoshop doesn’t open the image files associated with ZIP disks (or other image-type archives) as you might expect. Instead, Photoshop opens a file _wrapper_ that keeps the disk-image files together with Photoshop-specific files. The first time you use Photoshop on an archive image, an additional Photoshop file called is created. As well as launching Photoshop, this file contains information about the current version of Photoshop and about how to open the files on that disk.

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This guide focuses on the commands in the Elements2019 version of the program, but will also cover keyboard shortcuts to avoid using the mouse. There are plenty of other guides on the Internet that cover the basics of editing images in Photoshop, but here are some common fixes when editing digital photos, including blur, posterize, fix lens and make wallpaper.

Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

1. First you need to select the photo or graphics you want to work with before you do anything.

Select the photo from the folder list in the left side bar of the program window, or if it is an image on your computer, select the file with your cursor or by pressing Command-A (Mac), Control-A (Windows) or Command-A (Linux).

2. Next you need to choose a photo mode (smart, normal or photo).

3. Use the fix lens tool and fix lenses to make corrections.

Select the option (circled in the red box) by clicking on the image you want to adjust. This will take you to the “fix lens” panel. Choose the option you want to use. Here you can adjust for things like vignetting or chromatic aberration. You’ll also have the option to remove haze, apply a “kitty-eye” lens effect, and much more.

4. The posterize tool is an excellent tool to use in these images, as you can get some great results.

Select the option (circled in the red box) by clicking on the image you want to adjust. Choose the tool you want to use. Once you’ve selected the tool you want to use, push the layer thumbnail towards the bottom of the layers panel and type a number in the “Posterization percentage” box. Select the number you want to use and the photo will be converted into a posterized image. You can edit the number and make it any color you want by dragging it into the color box at the top of the image.

5. Let Photoshop Elements create a web-ready wall paper for you.

This tool is very useful when you are editing images for the web. Let Photoshop Elements create the web-ready version for you. Select (circled in red) the option in the “Create Web-ready wallpapers” panel. Choose the type of image you want and the size. Once you’ve clicked on the “Create Web-ready wallpapers”

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1. **1.** Open the image from the Samples folder on the DVD.
2. **2.** You can view the image in a larger size by pressing Ctrl+0 (zero) key.
3. **3.** Zoom in by pressing Ctrl+ +(plus sign).
4. **4.** Let’s open the brush tool. Click the Brush Tool icon (it’s the second one at the right).
5. **5.** Choose the Brush Tool settings as shown in Figure 10-2.

Figure 10-2. The Options bar has the Bristle type, size, and spacing settings. The Brush drop-down menu has numerous brush types to choose from.

You can control how thick the lines are by adjusting the size, shape, and spacing of the lines. You can also control how much you want each color to affect the selected area. The default color palette is a neutral color palette, so you’ll use this in most cases. These settings are in the Options bar (see Figure 10-2).

What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.1)?


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1. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or faster.
2. Intel i7-3610QM processor or equivalent.
3. 8GB of RAM.
4. 32GB of available storage space.
5. DirectX 11 graphics card.
6. HD audio or equivalent.
DirectX 11
OpenGL 4.3
5 Different Game Modes
Dynamic lighting
Game scenes
8 different character models
Advanced AI
Advanced Character Physics
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