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Photoshop is a photo editing, imaging, and manipulation tool that comes with Adobe’s Creative Suite. Photoshop comes with other applications from Adobe, such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Acrobat. Adobe products may be purchased individually or as a bundle.

The built-in Bridge tool in Photoshop keeps track of the files in your computer and allows you to drag and drop your photos into Photoshop to edit them.

Who Uses Photoshop?

Most web designers and graphics designers use Photoshop, along with a range of other design and graphics tools.


Photoshop is a very powerful tool and many creative professionals make their living using Photoshop. An industry standard, Photoshop users typically make their living selling images online in the site design, photography, and graphic fields. They may be self-employed or employed by a client.

Starting Image Editing

Getting Started with Photoshop

Professional Photo Editing and Manipulation

Adding Photo Effects

Creating Text

Text Tools and Fonts

Text Effects

Photo Manipulation

Raster and Vector Elements

How to Use Photoshop

Ways to Use Photoshop


New User Tutorials

Tools in Photoshop

Splitting Layers



Quick Mask


Magic Wand

Red Eye


Face Blend


Image-Editing Techniques



Tracking and Selection

Editing on a Mask



How to Use Photoshop, Part 1: Getting Started

This is a simple tutorial that gets you off to a great start with Photoshop.

How to Use Photoshop, Part 2: Creating Photos

This tutorial introduces you to the concept of layers and how to create and manipulate them.

How to Use Photoshop, Part 3: Using the Layers Panel

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Layers Panel effectively to work with Photoshop.

How to Use Photoshop, Part 4: The Photoshop Elements Panel

Learn how to manipulate photos with Photoshop Elements.

How to Use Photoshop, Part 5: Using Photoshop’s Built-in Bridge

Learn how to use Photoshop’s built-in Bridge tool to manage your photos and files.

Designing Web Pages

Web site design, also called web design, is the creation of a website. You start

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One of the most amazing things about Photoshop is the ability to design images and create high-resolution images that are extremely easy to print and share. They look great and the files are portable.

You can open and edit almost any kind of image. You can paint colors on anything with the new paintbrush tool.

Lighting and exposure settings are easy to change. In most cases, you can alter the brightness, contrast, or colors in a single click.

Before you begin to work on your images, you need to make sure that you have adequate space on your hard drive.

A separate desktop is needed for Photoshop. You will not be able to run it and other programs at the same time.

For the best results, a long working session using Photoshop is recommended.

You need enough RAM to run Photoshop. A PC with 8 GB or more of memory will be more than enough for most situations.

A USB port is useful for transferring files. You can get both external and internal USB ports on Mac and PCs.

You will need Adobe Photoshop for the computer. You will need Adobe Photoshop Elements on a smartphone or tablet.

You will need the full version for creating images on a Mac or PC. You will need Photoshop CC for creating images on a smartphone or tablet.

You will need the trial version for a smartphone or tablet. You will need Photoshop Express for a smartphone or tablet.

There are two editions of Photoshop Elements: Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Elements 2019. The major difference is that the 2019 edition has more features.

The 2019 edition is also available for a lower price. You will not be able to export high-resolution images to the cloud with the 2019 version.

Anyone can download the trial version of Photoshop for free on the web.

How to Install Photoshop on PC & MAC

You should have a working knowledge of how to work with a computer. You will need several programs to create, edit and organize images.

The minimum system requirements for the professional version are:


Intel or AMD processor with 64-bit architecture


2 GB of RAM or more

HDD Space

16 GB of hard disk space

Video Card

A graphics card with 128 MB or more of memory

Recommended System Requirements


Dual-core or more processor

4 GB of RAM or more

HDD Space

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In information theory, the coherent entropy (also coherent information) is a measure of the compressibility of a source based on the minimum length of a description (cover) of the source. It can be thought of as being in one-to-one correspondence with the Hausdorff dimension of the source, where the correspondence is given by the cover number of the source and the dimension of the source. Coherent information has applications to source coding, especially in the context of pure-state information theory where it is an efficient measure for the Holevo bound.

The coherent entropy of a discrete random variable X is defined as the limit of the average entropy of increasingly large finite random partitions

which implies that the average entropy of a finite random partition converges to the coherent information of the underlying source.

If the support of X is all of N, then one can compute the coherent entropy from the entropy of the conditional entropy of X given the values of the other random variables.

For continuous random variables, the coherent entropy can be defined via the notion of information density.


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Is a mac on the same network as my ubuntu laptop slower than a windows laptop?

I noticed a new MAC on my network that seems to be much slower than my ubuntu and windows laptops. Is there a way to find out which applications they are using as I’m assuming it is some virus and not truely that the mac is slower.


You can use the TCPView (there are similar similar tools in Linux) to see which network programs are using the most resources.

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Edvard Ihring

Edvard Ihring (born 22 July 1981 in Kongsvinger) is a Norwegian footballer who most recently played as a centre back for Strømmen IF in the Norwegian First Division.

Club career
Ihring started his career at his local club Kongsvinger IL as a youth player. He was the league’s top goalscorer in the 1997 season, when he scored 15 goals for the U-19 team. He later played for the senior squad in two seasons. In 2001, he was the youngest player to play in the Norwegian Premier League when he made his debut aged 18 against Start.

He then spent three years at Grani, where he has won two league titles and a Norwegian Cup. He then played for Brann, Stabæk, Kongsvinger and Strømmen in six seasons before moving to Germany to play for VfL Wolfsburg in December 2009.

In 2010, he was loaned to English Premier League club Everton. He impressed at Everton and was therefore signed permanently in 2010. He scored his first goal for Everton in the 2–1 FA Cup win against Bournemouth on 3 January 2011. He was released by Everton at the end of the 2012–13 season.

In March 2014 Ihring moved to Hødd in the 1. divisjon, and then, in January 2015, he signed for Vålerenga.

Career statistics

Ihring was part of the Norwegian under-21 team that finished fifth at the 2003 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship.

Ihring won seven caps for Norway in 2006. He made his international debut on 13 November 2003 in Norway’s 4–0 victory over Kazakhstan. He has taken part in the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualification campaign in which Norway failed to qualify for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

He has since been capped 30 times.

International goals
Scores and results list Norway’s goal tally first.

Personal life
Ihring is married to Eirikk, former top-scorer for the Norwegian national under-19 football team (2001) and a former striker for Vålerenga. The couple have two children and live in Oslo.


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OS: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (64-bit) Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7, AMD FX-83